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Antequera wins the triangle after beating Málaga CF in the decisive match

Antequera CF took their trophy. After the hosts and the Malaga CF each won their game against Melilla in a penalty shootout after drawing 0-0, Javier Medina’s men were able to overcome the Blue and Whites in the clash that decided everything. Ale García, after half an hour of the match, scored the only goal in play of the tournament to give El Maulí’s team the victory.

Antequera CF – UD Melilla

Antequera took the first match of the triangular match against Melilla, played at El Maulí. The 45 minutes gave more than expectedthe people of Melilla were left with 9 players. David Hernández was sent off for assault and José Antonio for a sharp tackle from behind. Even so, they were able to hold on to the tie despite the push from the locals. In the penalty shootout -three shots for each team-, Javier Medina’s men were more successful and took the ‘mini game’ 3-2. Melilla missed the second of their three shots from 11 meters.

Antequera beat Melilla on penalties. Antequera CF

Malaga CF – UD Melilla

Sergio Pellicer left for the first game of the night with Carlos López, Gabilondo, Einar, Moussa, Víctor García, Rafa, Juanpe, Dani Lorenzo, Larrubia, Juan Hernández and Roberto. Málaga CF was better than the rival and came with more danger over the rival goal, but could not open the can. He managed to score through Moussa, but the goal was disallowed due to dangerous play. Before, Roberto and Juan Hernández also had options to score.

After 45 minutes, the game, goalless, would also be decided in a penalty shootout. And that’s where Málaga CF took him. Both scored the first, they missed the second and then they were hitting until Carlos López stopped in the ninth turn of Melilla. The tournament would be decided between the blue and whites and the hosts in the third and last clash of the day.

Image of Málaga CF – Melilla Antequera CF

Antequera CF – Malaga CF

Málaga CF came out for the final duel with A. Herrero, Bilal, Juande, Murillo, Víctor García, Dani Sánchez, Genaro, Dani Lorenzo, Sangalli, Loren Zúñiga and Dioni. The blue and whites came out very well to the game. Dioni claimed a penalty, but the referee did not consider it appropriate to point out anything. And just after, 15 minutes into the match, Sangalli smashed a ball into the crossbar.

Now it was Dani Lorenzo who tried his luck from afarbut Eric denied him the goal with a great intervention. Dani Lorenzo himself and Víctor García were replaced by Larrubia and Juan Hernández. All of them had already played minutes in the first game.

The blue and white team had been in charge for half an hour, but it was Antequera who managed to score. At minute 32, Ale García scored the goal that gave Javier Medina’s men the victory in the clash and in the triangle. Dioni scored at the last breath, but it was ruled out for offside. In the end, the Antequera World Heritage Dolmens Site Trophy stayed at home.


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