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Antequera CF – Málaga CF: five keys to the derby

He next Sunday October 29the 1st RFEF will be able to experience the first Malaga derby of the season. Antequeranos and Malacitanos arrive at the event with just 5 points difference in the standings and both in a play-off position for promotion to LaLiga Hypermotion. These are some of the keys that this match of maximum rivalry presents.

Even results

Both teams come into this match with very similar statistics. Their tally of goals scored is as even as the goals they have conceded: 12 goals for and 5 against for him Malaga CFwhile Antequera CF scores 11 goals scored and 6 conceded. Another fact that reflects equality is the record of the last five games: 4 wins and a draw for Antequera and 3 wins and 2 draws for Málaga.

The data indicates that, a priori, it will not be a match with many goals. The team that takes the lead in the game will be able to bring out the fact that shines most in both: defense.


The fans are always essential in any football match, but when we talk about a derby, this variable doubles. The green and white fans will do everything possible to turn El Maulí into a cauldron and thus encourage the team to improve their results at home, since Antequera CF only achieved one victory in 4 home games. Málaga CF, for its part, will not be alone in visiting territory. It is expected that, as is customary this season, a large number of blue and white fans will travel and support their team in one of the most tense matches that both teams will experience this season. Antiviolencia is aware of the rivalry, which is why it classified the match last week as a high-risk match.

Dioni vs Luismi Redondo

The top scorers of both teams come to the game with their guns loaded. Málaga has Dioni. The Malaga striker already adds four goals in his own account and he was in charge of scoring the team’s last goal against Melilla, two days ago. The next top scorer for the Boquerón team is Roberto from Pontan, with three goals.

At Antequera, their greatest director is Luismi Redondo, who has five goals in his private account and that he has a streak of three consecutive games scoring. Redondo accounts for 45.5% of the total goals scored in favor of his team.

Dioni, with Roberto in the background, celebrates his goal against Recreativo Granada. GREGORIO MARRERO

Although in both of them the scoring aspect prevails, they do not play with the role of center forward. They are not two pure “9s”. Pellicer usually places Dioni in a role closer to the second striker, acting as a hook on some occasions and with good arrival from the second line. Javier Medina acts with Redondo in a similar way: placed in the midfield position, he is the player in charge of bringing the ball up on the run and taking advantage of the team’s counterattacks.

Blackboard Duel

Although the offensive and defensive data are similar, Pellicer and Medina do not have the same tactical style when planning games. The main difference is the scheme: Pellicer starts the matches with a balanced formation such as 4-4-2, while Medina opts for something more risky by posing a 4-3-3.

The blue and white team usually goes first with an offensive game. Pellicer bases his game on opening the wings and look for overflow with the extremes, Dioni delays his position depending on the team’s needs in the midfield and acts as a link between the midfielder and the forward. Direct play is also an alternative for Pellicer, since Málaga also knows how to suffer the rival’s possession in the last minutes, in those cases it is common to look for the long ball for the run of Roberto or Loren.

Javier Medina, Antequera CF coach, in training. Antequera CF

Javier Medina acts in a more conservative and at the same time controlling way becoming complete owner of possession of the ball. Luismi Redondo is his main stiletto and the one in charge of leading his team upwards. Different styles that can be seen, above all, in the first stages of the game.

Little history of this derby

Although Antequera and Málaga are two nearby cities, their respective clubs are not used to seeing each other in league competition. The first and last time both teams met in the League, with their current names, It was 29 years ago, in the 94-95 season. At that time, the category was called Third Division.

In recent years, you can only find friendly matches between the two. Two of them played this summer. Equality also prevailed in those matches, as they ended with a victory for Málaga CF by 2-1 and another for Antequera CF by 1-0. The previous match was held in 2018, in El Maulí, with Málaga winning 3-0.

This Sunday’s appointment will be key for both of their aspirations. Málaga wants to revive and return to professional football after the disastrous 2022-2023 season. On the other side of the coin is Antequeraa recently promoted team that fights for the great objective of not being relegated, but due to its current results it also seeks the feat of fighting to go up to LaLiga Hypermotion.


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