Saturday, December 2, 2023

Another VAR error against Málaga CF

It seems that football is not the only one that disproportionately punishes the Malaga CF. The team was well planted on the pitch, attacked, defended safely and Lago Junior turned that superiority into a goal in the 44th minute. However, the blue and white team could have had the chance to raise their score a bit in the first moments of the game. party, but the VAR made another gross mistake in against those of Martiricos. The umpteenth of this season.

Fran Villalba hung up a free kick from the right wing and Alfred N’Diaye went to finish off, but he found a totally illegal defense of a player from Burgos. He grabbed him with both arms!! and she knocked him to the ground. Therefore, although the midfielder connected with the ball, it was not for obvious reasons with precision on goal. The referee let it continue and the VAR, which can see the play carefully and the image from various angles, decided not to award a very obvious penalty.

Pepe Mel also made reference to the controversial action at a press conference: “There was a resounding penalty for N’Diaye. We have seen it repeated. It’s something that… I don’t even know how to explain it“.

If the maximum penalty had been indicated, it would be the responsibility of those from Martiricos to score or not, but the video arbitration deprived him of any possibility. This is not the first rude error that the VAR has made against Málaga CF. Could she have scored any more points? It is possible, but this action makes very clear the cruelty that the team is receiving this season from the referees. Hopefully it will be the last, although everything indicates that we will have to continue rowing against everyone, even against those who impart “justice”.


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