Thursday, September 21, 2023

Another summer without Real Madrid signing Mbappé

September 1, 2023. No trace of kylian mbappe. Not even the white ‘insiders’, those misinformed people who ‘drink’ from such reliable ‘sources’ as the one that killed José Luis Perales this summer, have lifted a finger in the last days of the market to feed this cabal. Beyond some website that has left the little credibility that remained trying to balance the monthly audience with a blushing clickbait, or some character made by ‘El Chiringuito’ more comparable to Cañita Brava than to the great Manolete, the market has closed no news from Kylian.

Real Madrid ignores Kylian

and all because he real Madrid he has disregarded him, chastened, without a doubt, by the forward’s rudeness when renewing in 2022 with PSG while Florentino Pérez had already closed his arrival, which would have meant a juicy figure for the Chamartín club in the form of a penalty clause that the emir of Qatar discreetly disbursed so that Mbappé would stay in the Parque de los Príncipes. This would also justify those hypotheses supported by club sources, describing Mbappé’s soap opera as “very profitable”.

The fact is that six years have passed, everything started in July 2017, since Real Madrid was first interested in Kylian Mbappé. He was then a promising 17-year-old striker for Monaco who had generated enormous expectations after dazzling in his debut season in the Champions League, where he scored six goals and was included in the ideal eleven. In March he turned 18 and five months later Paris Saint-Germain closed a bizarre operation to circumvent the Financial Fair Play and snatch it from Real Madrid.

The whites had sounded out his signing and Monaco had asked him for a fixed 120 million plus 30 in variables. José Ángel Sánchez was the one who sat down to negotiate and Real Madrid thought it was a very high figure. although still The 12 million net token, plus bonuses for goals, that the father demanded for the player seemed more scandalous to Florentino. The president denied the major so as not to break the salary scale of a squad that included Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema, and the player ended up on loan at Paris Saint-Germain, with a mandatory purchase option to be executed the following summer for 180 million euros. Still far from the 222 of Neymar’s clause that Al-Khelaifi and the sheikhs paid to get the Brazilian out of Barça that same summer.

Today PSG has valued it at 250 million, double what Monaco asked Madrid in that month of July 2017, a figure that will be nothing next summer. As long as Mbappé does not renew for the Parisians again, negotiations that are open, which has pissed off a Real Madrid that has already opened the door for Erling Haaland as an alternative.

The Haaland route opens

The Norwegian forward demanded from his representatives that he end up in the team that ended up, he wanted to feel master of his destiny. And that happens, contractually, because a clause that makes his departure from Manchester City cheaper next summer. So, if the player wants to and there is a team that is really interested in paying his starting price, Haaland could go out for a price that is unknown, but that would be ‘interesting’ for a Real Madrid that has been measuring its purchases well for several seasons. Florentino, who became obsessed with signing Mbappé, doesn’t think the Bellingham-Haaland pairing sounds bad. Different but complementary players, who also have many years ahead of them since they are barely 20 and 23 years old, respectively. While Kylian already has 24, confirming that he is a player who puts his whims before the interest of the team.

Therefore, the market closes without news of Kylian, that footballer turned into a hologram for the white fans who has exhausted the patience of Real Madrid, turning his enthusiasm into contempt. Another summer without Mbappé. And there are too many…


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