Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Another pain in the pocket! Spotify plans to raise its price in Ecuador

The most famous music platform in the world probably go up in price in 2023. According to the CEO of Spotify (Daniel Ek), this growth in the monthly fee is due to the increase in the cost of song licences. This application would add to the increase in the subscription previously made by Apple Music and YouTube.

It is also rumored that This measure is due to the increase in the quality of the service, trying to compete with Apple Music, which has Dolby Atmos and high-fidelity sound. According to music experts: “Spotify offers an average streaming platform by limiting artists to create highly professional content.” At the moment, no country has suffered this increase, although it is expected that the new prices will be applied at the end of this year.

Spotify currently has 195 million users worldwide, making it the music streaming platform most desired by artists to publish their content, which has been evolving. For Spotify Free users, they can listen to music in low quality, can’t download content or use the app offline, and have to listen to ads between songs.

Apple Music VS Spotify

Lhe music streaming application belonging to Apple is currently the direct competition to Spotify because it offers a multitude of useful tools for any audience. But what is the best option for the consumer of these platforms?

Comparing what they offer we should see:

  • Audio quality: Apple Music offers superior audio quality to Spotify, allowing the user to listen to music with “studio quality”, “lossless audio” and Dolby Atmos.
  • music algorithm: Spotify allows you to discover new musical tastes because the application analyzes what the user listens to, with this information the application offers different playlists with similar music that has not been previously heard.
  • Price: The two applications offer different types of subscription depending on whether it is for a single person, for a group or family and their student plan, the only difference is that Spotify is USD 1 cheaper than Apple Music in all its subscriptions.


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