Friday, December 1, 2023

Ankita will change clothes 3 times in a day, Vicky’s claim changed as soon as she reached Bigg Boss

Ever since the discussion started in the corridors of the television industry about actress Ankita Lokhande and her husband Vicky Jain going to Bigg Boss. Since then, many things related to Ankita started becoming talk topics on social media. Meanwhile, the news also made a lot of headlines that Ankita is taking more than 200 pairs of clothes to the show. Not only this, Ankita will enter with the same number of pairs of shoes and sandals and all the makeup items.

Ankita and Vicky also entered the grand premiere in a filmy style. The couple was seen doing romantic dance. When both of them faced the show’s host Salman Khan, Salman also took a dig and reacted to the news going on about Ankita’s dress numbers. Salman asked whether she wanted to settle down with 200 dresses in the 100-day show. Yes… In response to which Ankita was seen explaining that she is joining a television show after a long time. Obviously his fans have a lot of expectations from him. She wants to keep her dressing sense and makeup intact among her fans. Her plan is to change her dresses three times a day. Because of which he was able to create a good impression among the fans.

On the other hand, when Ankita’s husband Vicky talked to Aaj about the clothing numbers, his answer was something different. Vicky said, ‘I now understand how rumors spread. Something that even you don’t know, and the whole world is talking about it. In such a situation the situation becomes a bit funny. I have been reading continuously for so many days that Ankita is carrying such and such dress. 200 pairs of clothes and who knows what else. I used to just smile after reading such news because it is completely wrong..’

Vicky further says, ‘Friend, you only understand, which normal person carries two hundred clothes. What will you do with two hundred clothes in a hundred days? When we know that we have to take care of everything ourselves. If everything has to be handled by oneself, then how can a person in that condition even think of carrying so many clothes. I have always liked the travel light concept and am following it. But where did this news of two hundred clothes come from, I don’t know.

Let us tell you, Vicky and Ankita have started making their place as soon as they entered the show. At present, he seems to be emerging as the strongest contestant of the show.


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