Saturday, September 30, 2023

ANJE talks with President Luis Abinader about young business climate

Santo Domingo.- In order to discuss the main concerns and proposals that young entrepreneurs have, facing 2023, the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (ANJE) held a meeting with the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, at the National Palace.

The space served so that, in an open and close way, young people had the opportunity to share impressions to strengthen the plans developed by the government in terms of high-impact reforms for the consolidation of the business climate, transparency and institutionality as guarantors of trust and citizenship, and government sustainability. In addition, they addressed the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurs and the generation of quality jobs for the future of youth.

Similarly, the geopolitical situation and its influence on trade relations to promote the country’s competitiveness were discussed; as well as the quality of educational spending, citizen security in the business climate, the efficiency of public and private transportation, among others.

Listening to the interventions, Abinader reiterated his commitment to continue creating greater opportunities for young entrepreneurs, because he is confident that “this new generation will know how to overcome the challenges that the present and the future have in store for us.”

For his part, the president of ANJE, Jaime Senior, thanked the president for listening to the positions of the business union, pointing out that young people are called to lay the foundations for future generations to enjoy a more democratic, transparent country full of opportunities. .

“ANJE has always been an ally in promoting a robust, equitable business climate focused on the future, since the development of a prosperous country is consolidated with the participation and commitment of all the actors in society.”

Finally, he reiterated the commitment of the young business community to continue working together with the public sector to design public policies that have a positive impact on building a better country.

A commission of 90 ANJE members participated in the meeting, headed by the Board of Directors: Jaime Senior, president; Christian Cabral, First Vice President; José Nelton González, second vice president; Amalia Vega, treasurer; Karina Mancebo, vice treasurer; Gisselle Valera, secretary; Leritza Monsanto, vice secretary; Kalil Diaz, vocal; Claudia Finke, vocals; Boris de León, member; Luis Manuel Pellerano, past president; and Sol Disla, executive director.

In addition, past presidents of the Association were present.


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