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Android Auto Coolwalk: the most ambitious redesign is here

Android Auto is going to receive one of his majors updates since it first saw the light more than 7 years ago. The version of Android designed for touchscreens from more than 28 manufacturers of automobiles, it will receive a facelift, on the outside, and a multitude of new features and improvements, on the inside. Your code name, coolwalk. And although, so far, only a few have been able to install Android Auto Coolwalk in their vehicles or in their test terminals, little by little it is reaching more users.

It’s been a year since Google announced Coolwalk at his Google I/O event in May 2021. And he talked about it again at the Google I/O 2022. And they are taking it seriously, since this powerful update was due to be released this summer. Still, a lucky few they have been able to prove it in their private versions. And with your feedback, Google has incorporated changes and improvements so that its official launch is a success.

The next phase is already here. Google puts Android Auto Coolwalk available to the general public. Yes indeed. in version public beta. And to be able to see it in your car or in your test terminal you must register in the play store beta program, the official Google app store. But first you will have to install it on your smartphone Android Auto. And since the demand will be high, maybe you have to wait that there is a free position for you.

Android Auto Coolwalk makes it easy to use two or more apps
Font: Android Police

Some Android Auto Coolwalk changes

For starters, Google has incorporated changes in the interface itself, the most visible part of Coolwalk. And those changes differ from those that could be seen in the first presentation of Android Auto Coolwalk in May of last year. Let us remember that the latest redesign interface is from 2019. The purpose of these changes is that Android Auto looks good on any hardware. Or rather, screen. Keep in mind that each manufacturer offers screens of different inches. And the scaling is not always entirely adequate.

Another great novelty is the multiscreen. Now it is more comfortable, fast and practical see two apps running at the same time with a system of cards, cards in Spanish, which allows you to open two or more apps on the same screen. In the images published by various media such as Android Policestand out google maps Y Youtube music simultaneously. In addition, switching between applications is very easy thanks to the taskbar either lower dock with apps, notifications and other shortcuts. And, of course, Google fully rolls out the Material You theme, which has been around for a long time on Android for smartphones.

In the part of compatible hardware and in other internal changesit’s still hard to know what’s new with Android Auto Coolwalk. Google is being very uncommunicative in this regard. And the little that is known is because of what “discovers” those who have access to the trial versions. Highlights quick access to google assistantan improved map layout.

Android Auto Coolwalk takes advantage of the screen showing several apps at the same timeAndroid Auto Coolwalk takes advantage of the screen showing several apps at the same time
Font: Android Police

How to update Android Auto to Coolwalk

At the moment, Android Auto Coolwalk is only available under the Google Play Beta Program. That is, you will have to install Android Auto on your phone, sign up for the Beta program and Synchronize Android Auto from your Android with the screen of your car to update it. If you still don’t see the Coolwalk changes, try clear cache from Android Auto on your Android phone and sync again with your vehicle.

Remember that for sign up for the beta program from an app on Google Play:

  • pre-install Android Auto on your mobile
  • Open Play Store again and go to Manage apps and devices > Installed
  • Tap the Android Auto app and search for “Join the beta program”
  • Click on join me and confirm the action

If you don’t see the message, there are no free places. You’ll have to wait for one. You can also try downloading the APK of the beta of Android Auto with coolwalk incorporated, but it is something that carries its risks and that you should not do lightly. If you’re going to do it, let it be in a Test Environmentas the official Android emulator.


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