Friday, June 2, 2023

Andrés Guardado’s wife reveals the reason why Atlas does not contemplate his return

Andres Guardado dreams of returning to Atlas before retiring. However, in interview with Christian Martinoli, Sandra de la Vega, soccer player’s wife, revealed that the red and black box has hindered the desire to Saved.

Atlas He didn’t want to… There was an interview and they said that the doors were open, but that’s a lie”, the veteran player’s couple confessed in their The Captain podcast.

The content creator explained that, when she was pregnant, the red and black team looked for Saved. However, in the end, “The little Prince” joined to Betis.

“As they already said from there (Atlas): Since you didn’t come when we told you…”, he sentenced Sandra Vega.

And it is that, in 2007, Andres Guardado debuted with Atlas. Hence, the footballer wants to return to the place where he saw him grow as a professional.

“He always told me that he wanted to retire there (in Atlas). For him it would be her dream. I think I would even come for free”, concluded the wife of Saved.

In recent weeks, Andres Guardado shared a video to formalize his withdrawal from Tricolor. In it, she also recounted her passage through the Mexican team.

“I had already said it a long time ago, but I had not stopped to thank you for everything I have experienced in these sixteen years in the Selection“, advertisement Saved.

In recent years, “The little Prince” became the captain of the Tricolor. “Today, with the wisdom given by sixteen years of experience, I can say that the time has come to put an end to this dream,” he concluded.


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