Friday, June 2, 2023

“And whose are you?”: the viral debate on mobile phones that divides the Internet

Mobile phones have been, for several years now, practically an extension of our body. All this as a result of the arrival of the smartphones, which led these small devices to become nerve centers from which we can control practically everything we want. From our social networks or our finances to the lights in our house or our television. Hence, we always carry our mobile constantly in our hand and we do not get rid of it except in cases of almost extreme necessity. Have you ever noticed how you keep your device in your pocket?

The advent of smartphones also meant that screens were getting bigger and bigger and those archaic keyboards were disappearing to the detriment of touch panels that have become essential. A much more advanced technology that, at the same time, is also much more fragile than the previous one. Breaking a Nokia several decades ago seemed like an impossible mission and completely destroying the latest iPhone is much easier than it seems. All this as a consequence of the previously mentioned screens, which causes us to be more careful than ever when it comes to preserving them.

Four options that divide the Internet

How do you keep your mobile in your pocket? Just a few hours ago, the Twitter account @PicturesFoIder He asked his millions of followers what they did every time they put their mobile in their pocket. All this with the help of four most significant images, as they have caused a long debate that divides the Internet. In the first of these images we can see a person putting the mobile phone in his pocket with the screen looking inside and the camera in the lower part of it.

The second image is very similar to the first since, in both cases, the screen looks inside the pants. However, in this second photograph we can see that the camera is kept in the upper part of the pocket, a very common practice for many people. Finally, both the third and the fourth images offer us the reverse of the previous two. While in the third we can see someone putting the phone away with the screen out and the camera up, in the fourth we can see that same person putting the phone away in the same way but with the camera down.

Tips to preserve your mobile screen

Despite the fact that there is no valid answer, since everyone saves it as they see fit, this tweet has become a viral debate that has already been seen by more than 30 million users. In case you want to prevent a possible breakage of your screen, try not to use one of the pockets other than for the mobile. If you put the keys, or any other object, you run the risk of scratching the screen.

On the other hand, avoid keeping it in the back pocket of your pants and shirt, as you run the risk of it falling from a great height and ending up breaking completely.


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