Thursday, June 1, 2023

Ancelotti: “When we go to football, it seems that we are going to war. Van to one side, to another”

Carlo Ancelotti appeared in the preview of the match that Real Madrid will play against Rayo Vallecano (Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.) at the Santiago Bernabéu. Game that arrives marked by the echo of the racist insults that Vinicius received in Mestalla in the game last day against Valencia.

Precisely, Carletto started talking about this subject: “We are all worried about what has happened. It seems fair to me that this subject is being talked about so much. It is a great opportunity to improve things. Vinicius is sad and hasn’t trained today because he had a little discomfort in his knee. He is sanctioned for tomorrow… which would open up another debate.”

The Italian put the focus on the Brazilian: “He has been a victim, he is, of what is happening. Sometimes he is blamed: he provokes, the attitude… no. Let’s be clear: he is the victim of all this. Like fans who behave impeccably. And, by the way, when I talk about Mestalla it’s not to 46,000 people, but to a group that has done very badly. As in Mallorca, Valladolid… it’s a custom. Beyond of racism, it seems customary to insult. What Xavi said seems exemplary to me: Why do we normalize the insult in the soccer? They accused me that I was not “cute”, but “dumb”. And? Can that be said? It is also intolerable. It has to stop” Behind the benches they tell you “son of a bitch”, “faggot”, “let your mother die”. Why? All this is a great opportunity to stop it. And I want to say that Spain is not racist; but There is racism in Spain. And it has to change.”

Spain is not racist

Asked if the solution would have been to leave the field, he was categorical: “Vinicius is attacked by the goalkeeper and then by Hugo Duro. And if they attack you, you defend yourself. Leaving… I think that stopping the game can be a solution good. But I repeat: This is an important time to take action. For institutions to act in important ways. I am waiting to see what happens. Hopefully it’s something. And worried, of course. Because for me, it’s an important moment. It is crucial that they take measures… and I look at the Federation and LaLiga“. Carlo insisted on something he had already said: “For me, Spain is not a racist country. But there is racism. In recent years came He has gained prominence and that has made him a ‘sports enemy’. That can happen. But that all this derives in racism…”.

On the measures to be taken, the Real Madrid coach compared the measures in Spain with those taken in England: “It’s very good to condemn, but it’s not enough. I want action to be taken. And it hasn’t been done yet. There are countries where they don’t insult you, like England, for example. There they resolved it a long time ago: when they expelled the English from Europe for five years. They took action. And there may be isolated cases of racism, but in England games there are no police. Check it out! It looks like you’re going to war here. Van to one side, van to one side, van to one side… But what is this!“.


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