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Ancelotti: “Nobody doubts my future at Madrid. The president was clear”

Real Madrid came out thrashed at the Etihad in a painful end of the stage in which the whites, however, have won three titles (European Super Cup, Club World Cup and Spanish Cup). The win against Manchester City, beyond specific reproaches, opens many questions for the immediate future of this Madrid, this coach and this squad. Asked about his future, Carlo Ancelotti He settled it forcefully: “No one doubts me. The president has been very clear 15 days ago.

Silence of Butragueño

Emilio Butragueño, in the absence of a Florentino Perez who only speaks when the team wins titles, limited himself to noting that “Carlo has a contract with Madrid and we have won everything. It’s a bad night. We are sad and we have to admit the rival’s superiority”. But he did not directly answer the question about the continuity of the Italian.


Champions League | Manchester City v Real Madrid, in pictures

Ancelotti did not want to put a damper on defeat: “City played better and deserved to win. They have put a lot of pressure in the first part and have taken advantage. We have tried, but it has not come out. It is a defeat that hurts a lot, but sometimes this can happen to you in a semifinal of Champions against a strong rival and with good dynamics. You have to learn from this defeat for next season. It is a law of the sport, sometimes you can lose”. The Italian wanted to see the glass half full and noted that “We don’t have to make a drama. This squad did very well last year and has done very well this year. And I think the next one will do better. This defeat is just a step for next year”.

Carletto ended by focusing on the balance of the season: “It has been a good season, hopefully we can finish it well. I think reaching the semifinal of a Champions League is a success because there are many teams that haven’t made it this far”.

Carvajal: “We turned our backs too soon”

Dani Carvajal, one of the illustrious veterans of the white dressing room, showed his face and offered his analysis of the conceded win. For the winger, “we lacked a bit of… I wouldn’t say attitude. We’ve turned our ass back too soon. And when we took a step forward we had our best minutes. We will work hard and come back stronger.” For the Spanish international “it’s a pity not to be able to be in another final, but congratulations to the rival, who was better. Head up. We have young people, very hungry for success. We will come back stronger. The balances, on June 4”.

Guardiola: “I did not expect this superiority”

On the opposite side, a radiant Pep Guardiola analyzed his team’s display against Madrid: “You always expect to do well, but I didn’t expect this superiority. We have played with the pain that we have had in our stomachs for a year. We have brought out fantastic energy, we have played a match with great intensity. Madrid is special, but I had the feeling from the beginning that it was the day. There was desire. Last year was very hard. We congratulate him, but he had a hard time digesting it. Sport always gives you a second chance and that’s how it was today”.

The Catalan admitted that he had a difficult time during the game: “What Courtois did last year crossed my mind. They gave the Ballon d’Or to Benzema, but if they gave it to Thibaut it would be deserved. In the second half we rushed, Gundogan lost the ball, Kevin made three unnecessary transitions. You play with a lot… not anxiety, but you see it close and you rush”.

And he ended by talking about the final in Istanbul against Inter: “For an Italian team… there is nothing better for an Italian than not being a favourite. But we will have time to prepare it.”


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