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Ancelotti: “More technology? What we have to do is improve its use”

Carlo Ancelotti appeared at the press conference prior to the match against Sevilla, in which he confirmed that “Benzema, Vinicius and Asensio are out. We want to finish the season well and we are in good spirits. Vinicius is not traveling because he cannot play, yes there was any possibility of playing, I was traveling to try. Hopefully I can play the last minute on the last day.”.

Regarding the use of goal technology or VAR, which is in question in recent days, the Italian was clear in his opinion: “The issue of technology is good. Increasing it with goal technology is good, but the use of technology needs to be improved. It would be good to include goal technology, I don’t know why they don’t include it. If it’s a money problem, it should be resolved.”

Vinicius during a Real Madrid match. EFE

Sign defenders or strikers

Looking ahead to the next season, Carletto confirmed that “we are working on the attack. About Joselu I just have to say that I like him a lot, as I really like Aspas, Joselu, Morata… All those who score goals”. Carlo did an analysis in which he blamed the striker and focused on defense: “In all competitions we have competed until the end and we have left the league behind a bit and after the game with Barça we went from 9 At 12 points, we have lost focus. Barça has had a very good season and we, in the period after the World Cup, have had a hard time playing our rival. It hasn’t been a forward problem, we’re the one who has scored the most. We lacked solidity behind. There is talk of signing a striker, but the statistics say that we have to sign a defender. Because forward we have the best in the world. We are going to do what we want to do to improve the squad next season. Do not worry”.

The coach was asked up to three times about the possibility of Hazard playing in Seville, given the injuries to Benzema, Vinicius and Asensio. He did not want to answer and in the end he brought out the most serious side of him: “What Hazard needs to do, I’m going to talk to Hazard, not here in the press room”. In addition, the Italian spoke about Nacho and his renewal: “I understand that Nacho is thinking about his future. He is loved by everyone, he can contribute a lot to the team and I think the club has talked to him about renewing. It is in his hand and he will decide at the end of the season.”

Real Madrid training. EFE

Balance of the season

Regarding the balance of the season and his stay on the white bench, he also spoke: “It has not been a good League, I feel bad about it. But if we talk about the balance of the season, it has been a good season. If I have to evaluate the two seasons, they have been spectacular and I feel very good. And if it were an evaluation of the four seasons, I would sign to repeat the 10 titles we have won. And I think the club would also sign it.”

Lastly, he insisted that Madrid has many things at stake in Seville: “We have to respect the shirt we defend. There is no title, but the shirt and professionalism are at stake. They are great motivations.


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