Friday, December 8, 2023

An unstoppable iPhone 15 leads Apple to break a new quarterly revenue record

Apple today presented its quarterly results corresponding to its fourth fiscal quarter, and they come with good news for those from Cupertino: the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro seem to be doing great. As revealed by the firm, the income that comes from its line of smartphones has broken a record for this fiscal period.

“Today Apple is pleased to report record September quarter revenue for the iPhone and all-time revenue record for Services,” said CEO Tim Cook. It’s great news, because that anticipates a more than possible powerful period to come in the coming months. This is what he himself acknowledges: “We now have our strongest product lineup to date heading into the holiday season, including the iPhone 15 line and our first carbon-neutral Apple Watch models, an important milestone in our efforts to make all Apple products to be carbon neutral by 2030.”

If we look at the business lines in particular, this is how the income for the closed quarter looks (from July to September, both inclusive):

  • iPhone: 43,805 million dollars (+3% compared to the same quarter last year).
  • Mac: 7,614 million dollars (-34%).
  • iPad: 6,443 million dollars (-10%).
  • Wearables (Apple Watch, AirPods): $9,322 million (-3%).
  • Services: 22,314 million dollars (+16%).

September Apple results: it’s not all laughs

While it is true that these results represent an interesting milestone for the iPhone range, there are nuances. We see them in the breakdown above, where the year-on-year setback of the Mac line is noticeable, along with that of the iPad. Not because it was expected—due to the lack of new devices, which were expected to arrive, as they have, this October—does it hurt less.

Cook, in the call with investors after the presentation of the results, pointed out the “complicated market conditions” to justify this drop in Mac sales. In the general framework of things, marks the fourth consecutive quarter with declining sales.

The bright note is given by the division of Services, which continues to grow at a powerful pace. This has been noted by the CEO, where he has also had words for new jewels that have helped boost subscriptions, such as the arrival of Messi to the MLS (broadcast by Apple TV +).

What about Apple’s results for the current quarter?

Of course, there has been time to comment on what to expect from this quarter. This is what Luca Maestri, financial director of the technology company, has done. And, indeed, good iPhone sales are expected for the Christmas period, once the production of the Pro models stabilizes.

In a comment, Cook noted that the Mac range should see a clear rebound, too. Something natural, if we take into account the recent arrival of the new MacBook Pro and iMac with M3 chips.

One of the products that will not arrive in the next quarter, but almost, is the Apple Vision Pro. The mixed reality glasses will be launched in early 2024, and Cook has insisted that it will not be a standard launch. In this case, In addition to being geographically limited, everything indicates that they can only be purchased in the company’s physical stores., nothing online. The reason, presumably, is to ensure a correct fit and initial experience.

There remains, therefore, much still to be said in the coming weeks. Apple has all the meat on the grill for the final stretch of the year, and expect a good response from the respectable person. What happens in 2024 – a year in which powerful product updates are expected – will be another story.

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