Friday, September 29, 2023

An Irish supporter “raped by Welshmen” on the sidelines of Ireland – Romania, what we know

Drama in Bordeaux. An investigation was opened this Monday, September 11 in Bordeaux after the alleged rape of an Irish supporter, during the night from Sunday to Monday on the sidelines of the Ireland – Romania match of the Rugby World Cup. According to the prosecution, the events took place in a street in the historic center of the city “around midnight”, according to the victim, who was “found in the street by a group of Welsh supporters”, said the prosecution. Irish police, as backup for the match, questioned the woman in the accommodation she was renting.

According to AFP, which quotes her statements, she was sexually assaulted “by several perpetrators”, who subsequently fled. The victim was immediately taken care of by the Bordeaux emergency reception center for assault victims and a victim support association, “in English”. Biological samples have been taken and others are also underway on his clothes. Images from video protection cameras in the area are also being studied in order to find the perpetrators.


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