Friday, December 1, 2023

An inferior Getafe cancels out Cádiz

Getafe, with a goal from Borja Mayoral at 75 minutesovercame the expulsion of the Togolese Djene Dakonam just before the break to stop their bad dynamics and beat Cádizwho did not know how to take advantage of his numerical superiority and see the descent up close.

Getafe and Cádiz met at the Coliseum, on a cold autumn night, with the aim of end his victory droughtwhich in the case of the Madrid team amounted to six league games and in the case of the Andalusian team to seven.

Cádiz quickly adapted to the scenario and, after nine minutes, they warned of their intentions with a shot against the crossbar by Robert Navarro, who found a ball combed by a teammate at the near post after a corner kick to head the post.

From that play on, the game entered into a long lethargy without a clear dominator, with a lot of play in the midfield without either team being able to impose its style, and with little prominence of offensive players.

Everything changed in the forty minutes when Roger Martí invented a high-quality pass on the run of Chris Ramos, who finished low across the goal with a ball that David Soria successfully cleared.

Shortly after the Getafe He was left with one man less when Djené Dakonam saw the second yellow for hitting Javi Hernández in the face with his left arm, a decision that the referee made after consulting the VAR.

José Bordalás’ decision, facing the second half, was to withdraw Jaime Mata, author of the only dangerous chance for his team in the first half, and bring on midfielder Luis Milla to not lose possession and try to control the game with one of the most imaginative players on the Azulona team.

The bet worked out well for Bordalás because the Madrid midfielder gave dynamism to his team and Getafe’s goal was born from his boots, in the 75th minute, with a corner kick that bounced from the right side, Mason Greenwood extended a header at the near post and Borja Mayoral, at the second, finished into the back of the net.

The goal broke the schemes of Cadiz, who did not know how to react to the setback and did not know how to take advantage of their numerical superiority by making major mistakes at a defensive level. In one of them, at 84 minutes, a poor release of the ball was taken advantage of by Nemanja Maksimovic to, from the front, launch a powerful shot that Conan Ledesma successfully cleared.

The Cádiz team ended up unhinged, without finding a way to hurt Getafe, despite the fact that they ended up attacking with three players of plenty of quality in attack such as Maxi Gómez, Álvaro Negredo and Sergi Guardiola, who They did not create danger to the Azulona defense.

With this victory, Getafe has 12 points and is placed eleventh in the standings. Cádiz, with 10, remains sixteenth, three above relegation.


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