Wednesday, March 29, 2023

An enraged Barça is merciless with BAXI Manresa

A victory that calms the spirits in Can Barça, and after learning that the coach had gone partying after the defeat against Olympiacos without being a propitious moment in a displacement of the Barça. A victory that should turn the page on any controversy.

Barça came out in a rage against BAXI Manresa, willing to make them forget the bad streak as soon as possible with three consecutive defeats and two of them hurtful against Olympiacos and Turkish Fenerbahçe.

aggressive start

And the team came out from the first second their desire to show an aggressive image in defense, taking advantage of the errors in attack by BAXI Manresa that paid the piper for the bad results of Barça last week.

With the usual starting team, Barça opened triple clean rents with a motivated Mirotic, and a good start from Kalinic who soon brought the rent to 10 points (22-12). BAXI couldn’t find solutions in attack against the Barca defense and with that good start, Saras gave minutes to the second unit.

The team did not lower the piston and Kuric debuted from the triple to continue opening the differences. Barça barely made a mistake and that translated into a very clear score at the end of the first quarter (32-18).

beating at halftime

Far from lowering their guard, the Catalans continued to insist on defense and the success in the three-pointer continued. Abrines was released and Jokubaitis also joined the party to reach +20 (41-21).

Pedro Martínez moved the bench but could not find solutions. Barça’s insistence on defense continued to pay off and the advantage began to skyrocket. A three-pointer from Laprovittola gave the Catalans a maximum of 27 (54-27) that was maintained at half-time in a game resolved long before time (56-29).

At the restart, BAXI improved its offensive performance, although Barça, far from raising their foot, continued to insist, and with a lot of player movement in the face of such a clear victory. With some good minutes from Satoransky, perhaps the most outstanding, the lead reached 30 points (77-49).

With everything decided in the Palau, Kuric went to the locker room with a gap in his forehead to never return and very good final minutes from Jokubaitis (18 points and five assists) for a Barça that let the minutes go by and close the most placid victory of the season (93-72) and heal the wounds produced in Europe.


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