Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Amrish Puri’s grandson revealed, ‘Casting directors asked for sexual favors, did not give work’

Veteran actor Amrish Puri’s grandson Vardhan Puri has stepped into the film world. His film ‘Yeh Saali Aashiqui’ was released in the year 2019, but got beaten at the box office. No one could know him. Even Vardhan did not make his identity among the audience. Although, he signed three films, but due to the pandemic, all three were shelved. Recently in an interview, Vardhan Puri spoke openly about his experience in the industry. Vardhan also told about doing a film with Vivek Agnihotri. Earlier there were reports that this film of Vivek Sang Vardhan has also been shelved, but it is not so.

Vardhan Puri told the truth of the industry
Vardhan Puri said that he has been associated with the industry for many years. The actor has also worked as an assistant director. Vardhan has also met many people who have always pretended that they know many people and have a lot of contacts in the industry. But this does not happen. Telling the truth, Vardhan said that many directors promise the actors that they will give them work, but in the end they only take advantage of the actors. How, I tell you.

“Many people directly demand sexual favors from you. Some say that you give me so much money, I will give it to you. Some even say that I will introduce you to that person, he is writing a film for you. .And later you come to know that the person does not know any director. He is not even a part of the industry. He is just trying to project his good image in front of you.”

After Pandemic, if anyone decides to cast Vardhan Puri in the film, then it is none other than Vivek Agnihotri. In April 2022, Vivek Agnihotri told in an interview that he is no longer associated with the film. Vivek shot the film earlier in lockdown. Anupam Kher helped him in the shooting of this film. But he had no idea about what the final product would be. The shooting of the film stopped in the middle due to Pandemic. But when Vardhan Puri was asked about this, he said that things are on track and the film will be completed. Vardhan further said that this is an old story when Vivek had said this. However, I am forbidden to talk about it. Everything is going well and Vivek Agnihotri is feeling very proud about the film.

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