Friday, September 22, 2023

AMLO will recognize athletes, despite the “contempt” of the Conade

The controversy in Mexican sports continues, after President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that he will recognize the athletes, after their historic participation in the Central American Games.

With this decision, which was announced in the morning conference on July 10, it also contradicts Guevara’s statements, in which he despised this sporting event, assuring that it was “filler.”

Ana Gabriela Guevara.

Mexico goes very well in number of medals, but important disciplines remain. Those who count are goldsin silver let’s go up Colombia. That could be a factor, but there is no requirement to win; It is a blank and fill-in competition, of course, for some,” Guevara declared on June 28.

The statement came after the Central American and Pan American Games came together after the pandemic, for which reason the Mexican delegation sent a group of athletes, most of whom were living their first experience, this, by rearranging the issue of scholarships.

“We were going to get into an internal outrage (with the scholarships) because the next event we have it for months. The Central Americans conclude in July and in October we have the Pan American. Make a rearrangement and cortadero of scholarships in August, it was going to be an outrage,” Guevara said.

For his part, on July 10, AMLO applauded what happened in San Salvador and stated that he will give financial support to the entire Mexican delegation.

“It is a new record for our country. We are going to receive them. Possibly at the end of the week, at the beginning of the next, we are going to have a ceremony of recognition and delivery of support to all the members of this delegation here at the (National) Palace, which left our country in a very good position. They were very worthy representatives of the country, ”he noted.

With this action, now the head of the Conade will continue in the eye of the hurricane, after dozens of complaints from athletes due to the lack of resources during this Olympic cycle.


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