Friday, December 9, 2022

Ambulance officer could not recognize his daughter, who had an accident, because of her injuries

Ambulance officer Jayme Erickson, who went to the scene for medical intervention after a traffic accident in Canada’s Alberta province, received the news that the seriously injured young person he intervened was his own daughter. “His wounds were so terrible that I didn’t even recognize him,” Erickson said in his description of the event.

The accident occurred on November 15 in the town of Airdrie, north of Calgary, Alberta. Ambulance attendant Jayme Erickson, who went to the scene after the accident, saw two injured people stuck in the damaged vehicle. Erickson, who intervened in the ambulance to the 17-year-old young girl who was taken out of the damaged vehicle, could not realize that the seriously injured young person was her own daughter. Describing the event on his social media account, Erickson said, “My worst nightmare happened to me as an ambulance attendant. The casualty was taken by ambulance helicopter to Foothills Medical Center. When my shift was over, I went home. Then there was a knock on my door and my life changed forever. “I learned that the casualty is my daughter, Montana, who is my life and blood.”

“His wounds were so bad that I didn’t recognize him”

Anne Erickson stated that her daughter was badly injured after the accident and could not recognize her own daughter because of her injuries. “His injuries were so terrible that I didn’t even recognize him. Then I was taken to Foothills Medical Center to see my daughter and learned she was going to die. Today, I said goodbye to my little girl. 17 years, enough of that.” “It wasn’t a long time. Although I am grateful for the 17 years I spent with him, I was shattered. I will never see him graduate or get married.”

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