Amazon at the time knew how to create a real furor around its Alexa virtual assistant and its Echo smart speakers.

The reality, however, is that the pace of consumption. use, interaction and commercial conversion of the users of these systems are not the highest.


There are studies where it has been proven how in reality the users of an Alexa will limit themselves to using the same voice commands that they learned during the first hours of the device’s release to never explore the rest again.

They even point out that between 15% and 25% of users of an Echo speaker with this virtual assistant actually stop using their device after only a week of purchasing it.

So in such a scenario now everything seems to point to Jeff Bezos and company implementing a drastic change in the behavior of Alexa to stimulate the purchase of products through the Amazon network.


Alexa will now answer your questions with commercials

According to a report from our friends at TechCrunchAlexa will soon answer users’ questions with ads for products they can buy on Amazon, rather than providing answers with information pulled from the web.

All this revelation was initially made at the Amazon Accelerate conference, where details of a new feature called Customers ask Alexa were revealed, which will make Alexa respond to specific queries with answers paid for by different brands. .

So Alexa would stop giving information or tutorial procedures to solve an issue. And now instead it will recommend you to buy some product from the store. This is what Amazon points out on its official blog:


“Amazon has launched a new Alexa-powered capability aimed at helping brands answer common customer questions.

The capability is called Customers ask Alexa and it works like this: When customers ask Alexa questions, including queries related to a product’s features or compatibilities, Alexa responds with helpful answers provided by brands in those product categories.”


In this subtle but serious way, brands will soon be able to start answering common questions about situations that might require their products.

All of this will kick off in the middle of next year and will achieve greater integration between Echo owners, their shopping cart, and Amazon customers’ available inventory.

The play at the end of the day does not stop feeling a bit invasive, but it is necessary to know more details about the process and use of the information.