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Amazon Prime is much more than free shipping: this is everything your subscription includes

One of the hallmarks of Amazon is to have a endless catalog of products, own and third-party, that you can buy from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. And in a very short time, you receive those products in a box or package wherever you are Not only that. Can subscribe to Amazon Prime and for one Annual amount You will have more options to choose from in your shipment. That and so much more.

For the home user, Amazon vans, cardboard boxes, and paper bags are recognizable in the distance. The Amazon logo, without going any further, is known throughout the world. And what to say about the advertising campaigns on TV and other outlets at various times of the year when Amazon fills up with Offers and discountssuch as spring, Black Friday or Christmas.

Whether or not you are a regular customer of this multinational, even if you are subscribed to amazon primeit is very possible that you missed some of the services that you have at your disposal through that subscription. It has happened to all of us. Either because the offer is changing, or because it is not fully explained. Or due to mere carelessness on our part. The point is that you can carry several years with Amazon Prime and discover something new that is free for being Prime.

How much does it cost to get Amazon Prime

Before beginning to list the services included in the prime subscriptionLet’s see its price. At the time of writing these lines, you can try Amazon Prime free for 30 days. From there, its price is €49.90 per year. That is, less than €4.16 per month. Not bad for everything it offers and that we will see below.

If you prefer, you can subscribe monthly for €4.99 per month. Something that many usually do to temporary access to exclusivities Amazon Prime, as we will see later.

On the other hand, there are discounts for groups such as students. If you’re studentcan try Prime Student free for 90 days. And then you’ll get Prime for half the price. That is, €2.49 per month.

Fast shipping and free shipping

The main reason for sign up for amazon prime is the possibility of receive a free product, shipping or package. Especially if you order things on a regular basis. Or if it’s something urgent, receive something the next day instead of waiting a week as is the case with other platforms or online stores.

Sometimes a few hours make all the difference. And in that, Amazon has known how to differentiate itself from what was there until then in a matter of parcels. Today, any online store worth its salt is obliged to offer shipments in 24 or 48 hours. Before Amazon, you received your order in days or weeks.

With Amazon Prime you can shop at Amazon Fresh, a supermarket that delivers the same day

Amazon Fresh

Amazon started selling music, books and little else. But, over the years, its warehouses have been filling up with all kinds of products. And with Amazon Freshcreated his own online supermarket where you will find food, drinks and other products that you can find on this type of surface. Food includes, of course, fresh products such as meat, fish, fruits or vegetables.

A particularity of Amazon Fresh is that it is exclusive for Amazon Prime users. So if you want to receive your purchase at home the same day you must make a Prime account. You will receive your purchase in two-hour slots, chosen by you and without shipping costs. In addition, Fresh is Open from Monday to Sunday.

The only ones requirements are you to make a €50 purchase (€80 in Valencia) so that the shipping is free. Or a purchase of at least €15 (€30 in Valencia) with paid shipping. As for the delivery areas availablewhile Amazon reaches almost everywhere, Fresh is present in the provinces of Madrid and Barcelona and in the cities of Alicante, Bilbao, Malaga, Seville, Valencia and Saragossa. You can check if your city or town is on the list by entering your postal code in the corresponding field of this page.

With Amazon Prime you also have access to the Prime Video catalog

Prime Video

If we ask anyone to explain what Amazon is, many of us will say that it is an online store. But it’s been years since this internet giant is much more. In business, you have cloud services through its AWS brand. And in the domestic sphere, for years it has had its own electronic products such as the Fire TV, the Echo speakers with Alexa or its own streaming platforms.

Prime Video has become the internet video platform most popular in Spain, displacing Netflix, which had always been the first. Although according to which statistics we consult they hold a tug of war in which both compete for first place. In any case, in Spanish territory, the two big VOD platforms are those two. And the rest follow them at a great distance. It is the case of Disney+, HBO Maxetc.

So in addition to free shipping and a daily supermarket, you can enjoy a video platform with content from yesterday and today, movies, series and exclusive programs under the brand Amazon Originals, Japanese cartoons and anime and much more. Also, it has its own video store to rent or buy movies fresh out of the movies. And integrate other video platforms so that you have them all in one. It is the case of StarzPlay, MGM, Mezzo, MUBI, AMC+, Acorn TV, Love Nature, Hayu either DAZN.

Exclusive offers all year round and with special events

Exclusive offers thanks to Amazon Prime

Amazon is always changing the prices of its products. If you save some in a shopping list with your user, you will receive a notice when they drop in price. And this happens daily with dozens of things. Get in the offers section from Amazon and you will check it. There are offers that expire on the same day, offers for less than X euros, discounts on Amazon brand devices (Eero, Kindle, Echo, Fire TVetc.)…

And in recent years, Amazon has developed a strategy inspired by black friday and that is repeated several times throughout the calendar. In spring, summer, during Christmas shopping… There is even an event called prime day. These are several days in which Amazon is full of offers. Or better advertise your offers on the front page, in your app and in the media. Well then. One of the requirements to enjoy these offers is that you are prime customer. Some people sign up expressly. And if you’re already Prime, that’s what you earn.

Amazon Music Prime is another exclusivity for Prime subscribers

Amazon Prime Music

In the audiovisual content section, Prime Video is the most popular from the Amazon catalogue, but also has its own alternative to Spotify and Apple Music. Maybe Amazon Music does not have as many users as its rivals but objectively it’s a good platform yes what you seek is to listen to music, discover bands and singers or play podcasts.

Although its price is €9.99 per monthyou will usually find discounts for try Amazon Music for free. Right now, the free trial on offer is 3 months. What’s more, if you make purchases through Amazon, in the order you will find that same offer in case you want to try. But apart from its paid version, called Amazon Music Unlimitedthere is a free version with advertising and other limitations called Amazon Music Free.

What if you’re on Prime? Being Prime, you can use Amazon Music Prime, a version at no additional cost very similar to the paid version. That is, access to 100 million songs without ads, you can choose which songs or albums to play, download songs for offline listening and other features. Yes indeed, no HD, Ultra HD, or spatial audio content.

Unlimited space for your photos

amazon photos

We continue with the list of everything Amazon Prime offers. From most to least known. With Amazon Photos we already enter a series of subscriber advantages less advertised by Amazon and that not everyone knows. Curious, because these are very practical advantages today.

Amazon Photos is the equivalent from amazon to google photos either iCloud Photos. That is, a service dedicated cloud storage for photos. It can be accessed from the web but it is designed to be used directly from its iPhone and Android mobile app.

By default, it offers 5 GB for free to anyone who wants to try it. But the grace is that you are subscribed to Prime. In that case, you will get unlimited storage. And without lowering the resolution or the quality of the photographs. A great opportunity to free up space on your phone and always have your photos at hand from any device.

Fill your Amazon Kindle with free books with Prime Reading

prime reading

But there is still more. Do you like to read? One of Amazon’s first electronic products was its Kindle book reader. Today, Kindle refers to both these readers and the online digital book store. There you’ll find free books but also paid books, offers and discounts… And there is even a subscription, Kindle Unlimitedto read everything you can.

And as with Amazon Music, if you are Prime you have free access to a part of the catalog from Kindle. He service is called prime reading and it is a reduced version of Kindle Unlimited but that you will hardly finish. There are books in multiple languages ​​of all possible categories and genres, as well as some other comic. Although the latter are in English.

Prime Gaming and Twitch, the perfect combination for gamers

Prime Gaming + Twitch

Movies and series, music, books… What about games? Also with little advertising compared to other Amazon services, the platform Prime Gaming offers free games every month What’s more, currently, Amazon has an agreement with GOG and gives away some of its games. You will also find discounts and gifts for online games in the form of weapons, characters, costumes, power-ups, etc. All for being Prime.

And if you are a Twitch regularbecause you are Prime you have a free subscription to a channel (which means saving €4.99) to support your favorite streamers. You’ll also be able to chat with an exclusive crown badge and access exclusive chat colors and emotes.

More advantages for being Amazon Prime

Everything we have seen so far is what Amazon Prime offers for being a subscriber. A wide catalog of services and products of which benefit free for a small price that you pay once a year. But if we look at the rest of Amazon’s products and services, we always find some offer or exclusivity for Prime customers.

For example, in the platform audiobooks Audible. It consists of more than 90,000 exclusive audiobooks and podcasts and is priced at €9.99 per month. You can try it for 30 days for free. But by being an Amazon Prime member, the trial period is 3 months: 90 days to listen to free content without ads.

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