Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Amazon launches Fire TV Channels: more than 400 free international television channels that you can watch now

More than 400 international channels will arrive for free on your television, and they come from Amazon. The latest news from the American company reveals an app under the name of Fire TV Channels. From here, users who own a Smart TV or a Fire TV device they will be able to access the new programming of the servicewith such major channels as MLB, Fox Sports, ABC News, CBS Sports and many more.

Amazon does not intend to stop at the limit of 400 free channels. As announced in an official publication, the future will bring much more content to the service. Although it is completely free for owners of a Fire TV device or those who have the app on their Smart TV, will be monetized through ads. A movement that reminds us of classic television, but through the Internet.

On the other hand, the company plans to integrate the new Fire TV Channels feature into the operating system of its own devices. In this way, Amazon users can quickly enter the service and enjoy international channels totally free. Also, through the “Play Fire TV Channels” command, Alexa will be able to tune in to anything just by asking.

for now, this new Fire TV Channels service will only be available for the United States. Although Amazon hasn’t made any mention of a launch to Europe or any other region of the world, it’s likely that we’ll see the arrival of free channels later on.

The era of streaming brings us a revival of classic television, supported by advertising

Amazon's new Fire TV Channels app

In recent years, competition for access to the streaming market has become increasingly cruel and difficult to navigate. After all, the competition is too much, and not only has fatigue among users begun to show. In addition, the services have settled for offering increasingly expensive and limited plans, and lower quality content.

Now, it seems that we are witnessing the dawn of a new era for this type of content. The hated classic television advertising, which was one of the reasons why the streaming reached such high levels, he’s back. However, this time companies are using it as a measure to offer free content to its users, as is the case with these free Amazon channels. Services like Netflix already offer plans promoting lower prices in exchange for viewing advertising.

Meanwhile, Hollywood, the mecca of entertainment, is facing a revolution that threatens the way of life that we led until now. Thousands of people have decided to stop the industry, and for more than logical reasons. After all, a market that brings in absurd amounts of money has the ability to give its employees better wages, rights, and protection against practices like artificial intelligence. However, they have not wanted to, and many productions have had to be paralyzed until further notice as a result.

How to access the more than 400 free channels of Amazon Fire TV Channels from Spain

Amazon's free channels are here in the Fire TV Channels app

Although the free channels present in Amazon’s Fire TV Channels app have not yet officially arrived in Spain, Is there a way to access them?. Of course, it has to do with the use of VPN, a method that allows you to mask your IP as if it were from another region.

The first step to watch Amazon’s free channels will be install a VPN app on your Fire TV or Smart TV. Some allow you access to a free plan in exchange for a lower data speed. However, it will probably be more than enough for a few minutes of testing. ExpressVPN is one of the services that you can find in the form of an app within the Amazon Appstore.

Once inside the app, create an account or log in to an existing one. When you have done this, it will suffice to select a connection located in the United Statesor tap on the quick connect feature to have the app connect your Amazon Fire TV device to one automatically.

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From this moment, you can go to the Fire TV Channels app and enjoy the more than 400 channels that Amazon has arranged for you, totally free.

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