Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Amaury Vergara denounces identity theft on social networks

Identity theft continues to affect public figures, and now it was the president of Chivas, Amaury Vergara, who made the complaint.

Through his Instagram account, the Mexican soccer manager reported that there are people who are requesting money through his image, for which he asked fans to ignore these ‘fake’ accounts.

“For a few weeks they have been using my image and my name in fake accounts, saying that it is my private account, inviting people who follow me to “do a business”, requesting confidential information –phone, location, etc…

Please be very careful and never provide your personal information or send money to anyone because that is FALSE. Always remember to check my username / user name, there is the official identity verification badge issued by @instagram and let’s spread this information to those who don’t know it to avoid deception and protect our loved ones ”, reads his message.

The reactions did not wait, where some users confirmed Amaury Vergara’s complaint.

Vergara Zatarain, 35, and also General Director of Grupo Omnilife, has more than 176,000 followers on his Instagram account.


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