Friday, September 22, 2023

Amateur footballer sells Messi match ticket to pay for surgery

The euphoria caused by the Argentine star since his arrival at MLS, It is an event that has never been seen. That is why the soccer fans are taking the opportunity to attend the stadiums and witness the attacker gameto whom his arrival at the american leagueUnfortunately for them, the Tickets are selling out quickly and ticket sales are skyrocketing.

Given this, a soccer fan and amateur player named Amandadecided to sell his ticket for the confrontation between Inter Miami and the New York Red Bulls on August 26and with the money raised to solve the problems in his knee with an operation in the Anterior cruciate ligament.

It was through his account at twitterthat amateur soccer player told how was the process in which he found out he needed a ligament surgery and how he determined that his ticket would be used to pay for the intervention.

I decided to sell my ticket for that gamealthough I have my subscription for the whole season, because I suffered an injury to my right leg due to the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligaments”, he published on his personal account.

Likewise, he shared that the price at which he sold the ticket was $455 and that in his opinion he could have asked for more money, but his priority was that it be sold immediately. Mention that for her It was not vital to see the Argentine, since he had the opportunity to enjoy the world champion on two occasions.

The American, of 26 years old and player from New Jersey, will be intervened on August 18 and will face a recovery of up to 8 months.


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