Saturday, December 9, 2023

Amanda Nunes, UFC champion retires after defeating the Mexican Irene Aldana

In the stellar fight of the function UFC 289 and who faced the Brazilian champion amanda nuñez against the Mexican Irene Aldana in a fight for the bantamweight championship, where the Brazilian surprised everyone by announcing her retirement at the end of the battle after defeating the Mexican.

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After spectacular musical entrances on their way to the Octagon, Amanda Nunez and Irene Aldana The faces were seen to play a battle agreed to five rounds, where the Brazilian jumped as a favorite for being the reigning champion.

The native of sinaloa showed that she prepared in excellent shape and struggled for five rounds where she failed to establish her strategy and threw few punches, being an easy target for the champion’s repertoire who attacked her with boxing, kicks and takedowns; with which he dominated the significant hit cards.

Aldana He endured the five rounds, where he was widely dominated and at the end of the five rounds everything went to the decision in which he was unanimously imposed. Nunes to stay as bantamweight champion and the Mexican will try to find a new opportunity.

The most shocking moment of the night took place after the announcement was made that Amanda Nunes he continued as monarch; The fighter announced her retirement, being double UFC champion and after having defeated all her rivals, now her belts will be vacant and that may open another opportunity for the Mexican.


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