Friday, June 2, 2023

Álvarez brothers receive Guinness Record for historic boxing performance

Saul Cinnamon alvarez will get into a ring again in Mexico after more than 10 years and in a press conference prior to his fight against John Ryder in it akron stadiumreceived a tribute along with his brothers.

It is well known that the brothers alvarez have dedicated their lives to boxing, which is why the Cinnamon, Victor, Daniel, Gonzálo, Ricardo, Ramón and Rigoberto received the Guinness record for breaking the record for the most brothers fighting on the same undercard boxing.

Said performance was given on Saturday June 28, 2008 at the palenque of the festivities Calle 2 de Zapopan when the Cinnamon He was just beginning his professional career.

“Congratulate you for having obtained the record for the most brothers fighting in the same professional boxing event. Congratulations, you are officially amazing”, mentioned a member of Guinness World Records.

It is important to mention that Canelo himself acknowledged that he will seek to knock out the English boxer next Saturday, where a show that highlights the culture and tradition of the state of Jalisco is expected.


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