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Alonso’s notice in Monaco: “If I say I’m not here to win, I’d be lying”

Fernando Alonso is waiting for the action to start in Monaco, starting this Friday. On the eve of the most glamorous and special race on the calendar, many place the Asturian driver among the main contenders for victory. From Aston Martin They have fed expectations these days, taking into account that the AMR23 incorporates some improvements that they could not use in Imola when the race was cancelled. And Fernando himself has pointed out the urban circuit of the Principality as one of the most propitious scenarios to try to neutralize the superiority of the Red Bull, who will not be able to squeeze their overwhelming difference in top speed here. Even Helmut Marko, advisor to the formation of energy drinks, points to it as a favorite: “If Aston Martin has a good weekend and is ahead in qualifying, Alonso is definitely a candidate”he warns.

Alonso acknowledges that this is a very motivating weekend: “We are not the strongest in Monaco. It won’t be a big change compared to Baku, which is a street circuit where Ferrari was very strong. This could be another good weekend for them. But if I say that I don’t come to Monaco thinking about winning the race, I would be lying. Between the walls there are opportunities, I don’t care if it rains or not. Like in Budapest or Baku, you have to be confident and attack more than on any other track”. A whole declaration of intent by the Asturian.

“The Red Bulls are in front because they have done a great job this year and they deserve to be there, but there are a couple of weekends like this where we have more opportunities. That on paper because later it turns out to be the worst race, but theoretically we have more options, if for example they have gearbox problems, on Sunday, as they have had in other races, our options automatically go up at this circuit, which is different from all the others. The championship is long in any case and we will not give up until the end”, Alonso pointed out.

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Waiting for what happens this Saturday in qualifying, since it is very difficult to overtake Monaco and it is essential to start in front on the grid, Alonso shows very pleased with the performance and balance of his AMR23 car: “The car is very easy to drive, very fast, I’m having as much fun as in 2010 or 2012 at Ferrari, as in the WEC or at Indy, it’s a lot of fun to drive a car like that”, he says.

Alonso has also spoken about his continuity at Aston Martin, which from 2026 will have Honda engines: “Well, I will have 44 by then, I don’t know what I’ll do in 2026, it’s still early. Now I feel good, fresh, motivated and fast but I know that one day I will get up and maybe I won’t feel that anymore, or I won’t look fast and I will raise my hand to stop. So now I want to focus on Monaco and next year, the new factory we’re going to next week, the new wind tunnel next year, and then if you have to race for Honda again no problem. some, it didn’t work out last time, neither for me nor for anyone, but they have improved and have won the last two titles and maybe three, they have a great pack and I’m sure it will be a great project with us, I’m at the wheel in another role within the team”, he commented.

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message to hamilton

Finally Fernando has thrown another hint at lewis hamilton regarding the rumors that point to a possible offer from Ferrari for the Briton to finish his career dressed in red. “Well, I don’t know how it is, but Lewis always used to say ‘we win together and we lose together’ in his teams, so I guess if he doesn’t win he’ll stay at Mercedes.”


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