Sunday, June 4, 2023

Alonso, show on the track… and also on the radio with Checo and Russell

in the box of Aston Martin there is an atmosphere of contained euphoria. They know how close Alonso’s 33rd can be in Monaco, especially after seeing the car’s performance in practice. But they are also aware that this circuit does not forgive and extreme prudence must be exercised. Today, Albon, Magnussen, and Sainz They have made it clear how easy it is to end up touching the guardrail.

Traffic is also a serious problem here. The tighter areas are a nightmare. AND alonso He has experienced it firsthand in the first free practice sessions this Friday, when he found himself Checo Perez slowing down his pace when he was launched: “These guys are incredible, incredible!”, has exploded on the radio.

“Calm down, you’ve done the best you could,” his engineer tried to calm him down. And Fernando, who hasn’t passed a single one this year, has followed his: “It doesn’t matter! I will also be in the middle of the line on my slow laps.” has snapped

In the afternoon, he has continued with his show when George Russell He overtook him by skipping the ‘Nouvelle chicane’ in Monaco.

“Can we overtake off track or what?” she has asked her sarcastically. “Negative, you can’t”, they have responded from his team.


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