Monday, December 4, 2023

Alonso calls for calm: “The same in Hungary we return to the podium”

Three months ago, in the Aston Martin garage there was a continuous party. Fernando Alonso shone in each classification and finished off in the race, only surpassed by the Red Bull. He started from the front row up to three times, only surpassed by a bursting Max Verstappen and at the best moment of his sports career. In Barcelona what many call the ‘soufflé’ started to go down and the Spaniard had to settle for seventh position. And although he seemed to ‘resurrect’ in Canada, where he was second, the truth is that Aston Martin no longer offers the consistency with which it began the season. At Silverstone, Ferdinand will start ninthvery far from his goal in the home grand prix for his team: “We are going to have to come back to score all the possible points”, he acknowledged after another disappointing ‘qualification’.

“It seems that the circuits with fast corners are not going well for us, but in Hungary we are still fighting for the podium and we are back in confusion. On weekends with the top car we have made podiums and when the car is not top we have made good points, like in Austria. A fifth in sprint and race. We will see if we can do that also this Sunday, sixth, seventh, whatever, we have to stay calm and try to minimize the damage,” Alonso said.

His reading, although in a positive key, is still worrisome. Aston Martin fight not only with Ferrari and Mercedes, but also with McLaren, Alpine or even a modest team like Williams They are closing in to do battle. “In Austria it also seemed that everyone was flying, but we ended up scoring more points than them. This does not mean that we are not aware that we lack performance today compared to the first five races, it is obvious and we all see it. But We are working on it. The World Cup is not a race, our focus is on the long term“Fernando stressed.

“Sundays are our strong point, I am confident that tomorrow we can come back, but I don’t know if we will finish in the top five or go backwards. We have ten grand prix and ten times in Q3. She would have signed it before it started,” she said.

Regarding his performance in the ‘qualy’ of Great Britain. Alonso explained that “I lost one tenth of a second in turn seven. Because during the time trial they were telling me that everyone turned that turn inside. I had a lot of oversteer and I took it longer, I did more meters but with more stability. In Q3 I I tried to do it on the inside, like everyone else, but I had whiplash. Then when I saw the times, maybe we could have passed Alex Albon. Eighth was the best, but the top seven were unreachable. It’s where we had to be. Our rivals are doing very well, they have brought improvements. We have done very well in the first nine races and we will see who does better in the next 11”.

“The circuit has different characteristics to the previous ones, with many fast corners. In Barcelona and Austria, circuits with similar characteristics, we also had problems. Little by little we are discovering weak points in our car that we are trying to improve. But the championship is 22 races, it’s not the Silverstone world championship, so we’ll take stock at the end of the year”, he insisted to finish.


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