Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Alonso, about Ocon: “With an Alpine you always have to be careful”

Fernando Alonso He had fun in the sprint race in Brazil, in which he finished eleventh after recovering four positions. “The day was already lost after the incident with Ocon in the morning, so we decided to test ourselves and try to understand the degradation for tomorrow. It has been impossible to overtake more cars, but we leave happy. Our pace has been very good and I stay with that,” he summarized.

“The accident was the negative note, surely, because we had more pace to score some points in the sprint. These are things that happen, better today than in Friday’s qualifying, because the race that counts is Sunday and it is where we want to score points,” Alonso assessed.

This Saturday’s preview confirms the expectations of the two-time Spanish champion and his team, Aston Martin with a view to the main race this Sunday, with third place for Lance Stroll and fourth for Fernando on the starting grid.

“It seems that here we have more pace than other times, we have made up some positions and although it has not been possible to overtake more cars, we are happy. Let’s see if this Sunday, starting fourth and with less traffic, we can have a good race, I see the podium as possible and if not at least we have to try to fight for a top five,” Alonso stressed.

In the morning, after the accident with Ocon, Fernando did not want to add fuel to the fire and downplayed what happened on the track. But after the sprint race, after learning that the Frenchman had insulted him (“P… idiot, Fernando”) and continued to blame him for the crash even though the FIA ​​has considered it a fortuitous incident, the Asturian has been more forceful, exposing Esteban.

“”Whenever there is a Alpine you have to be extra careful. “We touched entering turn 6… they must think our car is narrower than it really is, and I ended up on the grass again,” said the Aston Martin driver.


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