Monday, January 30, 2023

All the games that will accompany the PlayStation VR2 at its launch

Sony Interactive Entertainment will start the year in a very active way in terms of hardware launches. On January 27, the DualSense Edge, the variant for competitive and professional gamers of the PS5 controller, will see the light of day. Subsequently, the February 22will finally hit the market on Playstation VR2the next generation of headset of virtual reality, whose technical specifications we already know.

With the second device just around the corner, Sony is revealing some details that you should take into account before opening the portfolio. One of the few issues that remained pending to know was his complete launch catalog. Fortunately for early PlayStation VR2 owners, there will be plenty of options to enjoy.

In total they are 30 games those that will be available on launch day, or in the vicinity of it. Among the selection stands out, particularly, Horizon Call of the Mountain. Sony believes that AAA experiences, those that have been so successful on its consoles, can also succeed in virtual reality. For that reason, they opted to bring one of their most important franchises to the PlayStation VR2.

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As seen in the progress, Horizon Call of the Mountain it maintains the same quality standard seen in the main saga. Of course, Guerrilla Games was not alone in its development, since it received the support of firesprite, the Liverpool-based team specializing in virtual reality gaming. In fact, this studio was acquired by Sony in mid-2021, precisely with the intention of producing more VR experiences for the PlayStation VR2.

Another title that is sure to catch the spotlight is Gran Turismo 7, which will receive a free update to work on the PlayStation VR2. Of course, we cannot ignore No Man’s Sky, a title that, despite its bumpy launch, gradually improved its experience. Today, it is quite an entertaining game.

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