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All That Breathes: The story of Nadeem-Saud who saved 23000 birds, will win Oscar?

The day of 24 January 2023 was very special for the whole of India. Especially for Hindi cinema, where two big films have made it to the Oscar nominations. The Oscar nominations were announced on Tuesday in Beverly Hills, California. This year, apart from ‘RRR’, ‘All That Breathes’ is also included in the Oscar Award race. Almost most of the people know the story of ‘RRR’. That’s why today let’s talk about ‘All That Breathes’.

The film is based on a real story
‘All That Breathes’ is produced by Shaunak Sen. The film based on a true incident is the story of two brothers Nadeem Shahzad and Mohammad Saud from Delhi. Both the brothers living in the country’s capital Delhi are very much troubled by the pollution and social things of the city. He was trying to solve these problems. During this, the thought of saving the migrant black kites i.e. black eagle comes to his mind. After this, without delay, they get involved in this work.

It is seen in the film that Nadeem and Saud dedicate their lives to save the black eagle. In the future, something like this also happens, which hardly anyone had imagined.

Who are Nadeem-Saud?
It is a matter of 19 years ago. Shahzad and Saud spotted the injured Black Kite on the road to Chawri Bazar near their ancestral home in North Delhi. They took him to the veterinary hospital for treatment. But the staff present there refused to treat Black Kite. After this, both the brothers decided to take the injured bird to their home. Due to this incident, the idea of ​​saving the birds came in the mind of Saud and Shahzad.

In an interview, Shahzad says that he has given many birds a new life by leaving them in the forest. This thing encouraged him a lot. Both the brothers together have treated about 23000 birds so far. He has also built a rescue center for birds in Wazirabad. After this news came in the media, some people also started giving financial help. However, after Kovid-19, this help reduced slightly.

all that breath

It is not that this task was easy for Shahzad and Saud. During this, many difficulties also came, due to which he also made up his mind to leave it. But in the end he continued it. There are about 300 birds on the roof of Shahzad and Saud, which are now slowly recovering. Some birds are also ready to fly soon.

If you also want to give new life to birds by helping Saud and Shahzad, you can do so by visiting their website and

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