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All electric car charging points in Europe gathered on a single map

According to the European Commission, having a well-functioning transport infrastructure is essential to maintain the Union’s competitiveness. And given that the present and the future of mobility go through the electric car, the 28 are betting heavily on having a network of charging points throughout all the countries that allow the expansion of new mobility trends.

For this reason, for several years, the European Union has been immersed in the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), a compendium of projects that seek a point of common interest in traffic management systems when it comes to facilitating the mobility of goods and passengers within the EU. Among the many projects that make up the TENT-T, the electric car is one of the fundamental pillars.

To make it easier for citizens to move within the European Union, the Commission has published an interactive map that brings together in one place all chargers available within the territory of the 28 countries that make up the EU.

A map with all the information on electric mobility in the European Union

It is not only a map that includes all the charging points, it also serves as a guide for planning trips, since it allows the user to download specific areas. In addition, it includes especially valuable information for electric car users.. From the power of the chargers themselves, to the level of access (if it is public or private), passed through the type of connector that each charger includes:

The interactive map of electric car chargers also allows discriminating by specific areas that interest the user. It includes information from 201, but is constantly updated. It is an ideal alternative source of information for planning trips. Perhaps not as comfortable as those of the manufacturers themselves (those from Tesla, for example). But it does serve as a common meeting point to get an idea of ​​how the charger network is in the EU. And above all, bring them together with other information that is also included in the TENT-T.

Keep in mind that this is a huge EU project and the map itself is not just focused on charging points. It encompasses all the mobility policies of the European Union, including ongoing projects. From air transport to rail, through road transport.

Some data is updated monthly, while others are the same for years. Therefore, although the map of the European Union is a good way to have another information alternative. Our recommendation is that, before embarking on a trip, you should consult the information from various sources.

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