Thursday, March 30, 2023

Alhaurín de la Torre brought together more than 250 taekwondo athletes from all over Andalusia

The El Limón Indoor Sports Center in Alhaurín de la Torre has completed its consolidation as the Andalusian headquarters of taekwondo, hosting for the second consecutive year the Andalusian Masters and Under-21 Championship. This sport has the municipality of Malaga as its official headquarters. This was underlined as host by the mayor of Alhaur, Joaquín Villanova, in the presence of the councilor for Sports, María del Mar Martínez.

Both leaders highlighted the high participation of the competitors, with more than 250 coming from the eight Andalusian provinces and represented by a total of 45 teams. The host club, Monfrino, was present with the participation of a taekwondo player who is current national bronze.

The councilor thanked the work of the sports entity for betting on this tournament and for the promotion of martial arts in Alhaurín. For his part, Martínez highlighted “the good organization of the event” and had a positive impact on the stands being full. “Both with this event and with the futsal event, Alhaurín de la Torre is a showcase for all those who come from different parts of Andalusia”.

The mayor argued that this weekend Alhaurín de la Torre could not have “more leisure options. This government team is doing a great job and a great projection of the municipality in all areas. For his part, the president of the Andalusian Federation of Taekwondo and Hapkido, Ismael Bernabal, pointed out the absence of incidents with more than 650 people in some stands that showed their best appearance.

Regarding the female presence, Bernabal stressed that it is a “very egalitarian” sport, because almost 40% of the licenses are female and the same is true of the refereeing body, “where there are more women than men.” He also indicated that the competitors in this edition had bibs and electronic helmets, “the equipment at the highest level.”

Crowds of fans, family members and followers of this sport, on a day of summer temperatures in the middle of March, ended up cheering on an edition of these regional championships, during a “day full of camaraderie and a good atmosphere.” It should be remembered that the Alhaurino municipality already boasts of having hosted some of the most important sporting events both regionally and nationally.


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