Thursday, November 30, 2023

Alfonso Pérez, after Getafe withdrew his name from the Coliseum: “I have nothing against women”

The Getafe City Council (Madrid) and the Getafe Football Club agreed this Wednesday to rename the city stadium, which is now called Coliseum Alfonso Pérez just Coliseumafter statements by the former player to the newspaper El Mundo in which he said that women’s football cannot be equated with men’s football.

“Although I have never played for Getafe, I have always tried to contribute and help as much as I could to both the city of Getafe and the club. “I have always been proud to carry the name of Getafe everywhere I have been in the world,” says Alfonso in a video posted on social networks.

“Men’s football,” he adds, “generates much more income and it has much more media impact than any women’s football match or team or selection. Unfortunately it is like that. It will never be able to compare“.

“What I commented in the interview is that women’s football has never been as good as it is now, but that could never be compared to men’s football. Just like models have much more media impact than models. It’s like that and it’s been like that all my life,” stressed the former Getafense soccer player.

Pérez, 51, who claims to have “not told any lies,” emphasizes: “I have nothing against women. I have a mother, and I have a daughter who plays soccer, and I hope one day I can reach the first division and international, but even though she is my daughter, she will never be able to compare to what a male player can earn.

Likewise, he wants to clarify what he told El Mundo that he would force “(Pep) Guardiola and the girls of the women’s team to kiss the Spanish flag.”

In the video, he states: “Guardiola, as you know, has been a teammate of mine, a very good friend. The only thing I don’t share with him is his ideology, and I have already told him that many times. What I wanted to convey is that all players of any sport, not just football, who do not feel identified with their country, in this case with the Spanish team, to resign from the national team“.

“There may be the circumstance that there are many players who do not feel Spanish and who are in the national team right now, which is why I have commented on it, in the sense that whoever goes to the national team has to feel proud” , he adds.


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