Thursday, June 1, 2023

Alexis Vega denies mocking Julián Quiñones

Due to the controversy that generated an alleged image where it is seen as Alexis Vega share an offensive image towards Julian Quinonesthe Chivas striker came out to deny that information.

On social networks, the image with the faces of both footballers in a photo of the famous video game GTA V, where Franklin is seen walking his dog Chop, with the Atlas striker being the image of the canine being walked by Vega, went viral.

People, do not get carried away by what you see on social networks! At no time would I make fun of anyone, hug Crack, he commented followed by a screenshot of the conversation with Julián Quiñones.

In the screenshot you can see the good relationship that both footballers have, in addition to it you can see how Julián Quiñones congratulates Alexis for the pass to the semifinals.


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