Sunday, December 10, 2023

Àlex Márquez: “The faster Marc is on the Ducati, the more I will benefit from it”

Everyone says, tells, intuits, affirms that the comments that Àlex Márquez, Gresini Racing Team driverhas done, throughout the entire season, to his brother Marc They could have been, in fact they have been, surely, decisive for the eight-time world champion has decided to leave, at the end of this season, the Repsol Honda teamamicably get rid of the remaining year of his contract with the Japanese firm, and sign, for a single season, next, with the factory’s fourth team Ducati.

Àlex, who is having a season with sawtooth teeth and who, in recent races, has begun to recover from the fracture of three ribs, is one of those convinced, otherwise his brother would not have made this spectacular change to his sporting career. , that MM93 is capable of fighting for the title next season, even driving the Ducati ‘Desmosedici’ of 2023while ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia, Enea Bastianini, Jorge Martin and Franco Morbidellisubstitute for Johann Zarco in the Prima Pramac team, they will pilot the 2024 one.

Marc will be happy

Àlex, who has already told Mark that he will be the one who maintains the right side of the ‘box’ of the ‘team’ Gresini “because I have earned it, so he will change sides when he joins our team”, he considers that “next season looks good, it looks pretty. We were together in 2020 at Honda, but it didn’t last long due to his arm injury, but life sometimes gives second chances and I think this one is very good. I think he will also feel very comfortable, as I have felt from the first moment,” explains the youngest of the Márquez Alentá family.

“Of course there are jokes, the first is about which side of the ‘box’ each one is going to occupy, but it is already very clear: he is going to change sides, he is going to go to the left side,” continues the leader of the Gresini project. in MotoGP. “I have already told you that I have been there for a year and also Nadia (Padovani widow of Fausto Gresini and owner of the team), told me: “You are on the right and you don’t move from there.”

Key year

The youngest of the Márquez Alentá family is convinced that “It will be a key year for both of us; an important year because he is an eight-time world champion and we will be in the same box. I hope he is fast from the beginning because the sooner he is fast, the sooner I can take advantage, right? I’m looking forward to him also testing the bike (Honda has already given Marc permission so he can ride the Ducati in the test after the last Valencia GP) and giving me his opinion. It is true that it has always been said that your first rival is your boxing partner and that is true, but that complicity and that rivalry helps you also take a step forward.”

Àlex Márquez is convinced that the two can fight, next season, to finish in the top three of the MotoGP World Championship. “I hope so. For me it will be a very important year, as I said, a second year with the same bike and team; we have to try to do big things. I think I have the speed and I just need to consolidate, be more solid and not make mistakes. so many mistakes. If we manage to start the year well, why not be fighting; I don’t say it so much for the title, because a year is very long and many things have to be squared away, but for constantly being in the top 5 and, in the end “, of the year to try to finish among the top three of the World Cup.”


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