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Àlex Márquez: “Marc says that if he doesn’t have fun with the Ducati, he will retire”

When, last Thursday, in Mandalika (Indonesia)where the 15th grand prix of the seasonthey asked Marc Márquezwhich had just announced, together with Honda, that, next year, they would no longer be together, if one of the alternatives it had proposed was to spend the entire 2024 standing, without racing, the champion of Cervera (Lleida) He said that, in fact, he came to consider it “Well, the truth is, if you don’t have fun on the motorcycle, if you don’t feel like going to the circuits, it’s better to leave it.”. But, yes, she said that she did raise it but that, at no time, did she give any thought to the issue.

The truth is that Márquez, who also announced his signing for the Nadia Padovani’s Gresini Racing Teamthe widow of missing Italian champion Fausto Gresinisaid that the contract he was going to sign (“I have only signed, for the moment, an agreement, a commitment”) would be for only one year “because what I want, what I want, the reason for leaving Honda and trying myself in another structure, with another bike (Ducati), is because I want to know if I can really go back to being the one from 2019, fighting for the victory in every grand prix, always being close to the podium. “I need to know and that’s why I abandon my team, my friends, and test myself alone.”

“I am convinced that, as soon as he gets on the Ducati, Marc will forget the doubts he has about whether or not he is still a winning rider”

Àlex Márquez – Rider of the Gresini Racing Team of MotoGP

It is evident that the sensation ofpaddock of MotoGP and this is how Marc Márquez himself ended up recognizing it, is that MM93 wants to know if he is capable of winning again after four horrible years with the occasional podium and little else. But not only that, Márquez knows that, at the end of next season, all (or almost all) of the big riders’ contracts expire and that, at that moment, it will be time to know whether or not he has the possibility of choosing a team and bike. for 2025, depending, logically, on how your 2024 bet works.

Despite the fact that his brother Alex, whom everyone gives a very important role in the decision that Marc has made, there is no one better than him to assure you that with the Ducati you will win races again, even if the one they put in your hands is this year’sdid not want to talk too much, in Indonesia, about the decision made by his brother, he did have a small intervention when asked by a British TV channel.

Marc and Àlex Márquez chat before training in Austria. Alejandro Ceresuela

He did it live on the British channel TNT Sports MotoGPwhich owns the television rights for Great Britain and, to an initial question from the Popular journalist Suzi Perry Regarding whether there was a possibility that Marc “once he raced with the Ducati, perhaps he would like to renew more years with that brand”, Àlex responded with these words: “Marc has said that he wants to enjoy riding the motorcycle again. He has signed for one year because he wants to know if he is capable of enjoying, again, a Ducati, which seems very intelligent to me. He told me that if he didn’t enjoy it, he would retire.”

Àlex continued saying: “Marc wants to know if, after his injury, he is still fast. I don’t have any doubts although I understand, because I have also ridden the Honda, that you have those doubts. I am convinced, for sure, that, from the first day, from the Valencia test, As soon as you get on our motorcycle you will start enjoying the Ducati and, therefore, I am sure that the doubts you have now will quickly go away from your head.”


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