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Alcaraz-Rune, generational battle at Wimbledon

one in the afternoon Wimbledon. A workout of just over an hour on track number 1 of Aorangi Park for Carlos Alcaraz. Without forcing, to maintain the good sensations. A session that ended with a little game in the service box with his older brother Álvaro and with the bet of “do the dog” on all fours on the grass, including the gesture of peeing, for those who lose it. Moment that the Murcian tennis player had a great time, laughing and recording it with his mobile.

Jokes and a lot of tranquility 24 hours after playing the pass to the Wimbledon semifinals with the Dane Holger Rune, in which it has already been announced as the generational battle of the new tennis. A rivalry that experts predict as one of the historic ones in the future. Face to face two players who know each other and have faced each other since they were very young. “We were one of the best,” he recalled alcaraz from that childhood time.

The video playing together a double in the tournament Les Petits As In France, at the age of 12, he has become more viral on social networks since it was learned that this Wednesday (second round at the central office) they would cross their rackets. Playing styles and personality both on and off the court are different, although both are equally ambitious.

eager to play

“I’m very, very anxious and excited to play this match. I’ve been waiting for the moment ever since I saw the draw,” he said. runes. “We have shared great moments since we were little and I am very happy that we are now competing in a Grand Slam quarterfinal. It is nice to see that we are both fulfilling our dreams”, highlighted Alcaraz. They know each other a lot. Skills and flaws. From Murcia, Rune would keep his forehand; from the Dane, Alcaraz would like his backhand.

It will be the third time they meet on tour. In the first, the victory went to alcaraz in the 2021 NextGen, the Under-21 Masters (4-3, 4-2, 4-0). The second one was written down runes in the quarterfinals of the Masters 1,000 in Paris-Bercy 2021, when the Murcian tennis player retired with 6-3 and 6-6 on the scoreboard. The reference is not very useful to give a prognosis.

Different ways

Alcaraz is presented as a favorite. He is the world number one, he already has a Grand Slam to his credit, better results in his short experience on grass and more used to playing in the center. A theater that he imposes when he enters for the first time, as he will do runes.

The Danish tennis player (sixth in the world) is playing his first Wimbledon and although he is already ‘top ten’, he has not yet shown the forcefulness of his childhood friend. He himself admits it. “Carlos was very good then and he has improved a lot and very quickly. I honestly think he is better than me at the moment.”

Feeling better

Alcaraz feels strong and did not hide it. “With the level that I am giving, nothing surprises me. I have gone through this phase of being surprised by winning matches of this level”, he said after beating Matteo Berrettini. “I am confident. I know my abilities and what I am capable of. I want to win,” she assured.

alcaraz aspires to win that game with runes that would open the doors to the semifinals where they would wait for the Russian Daniel Medvedev (3 world) or the unknown American Christopher Eubanks (43), unexpected guest at the party. His racket points to the final on July 16 that was marked in red on his agenda before arriving in London. He is already only two steps away.


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