Sunday, June 4, 2023

Alberto Marrero ceases to be the president of Atlético San Luis

Atlético San Luis ended his participation in the Closing 2023 of the MX League and this May 15 he announced the departure of Alberto Marrero of the presidency after six years of work.

The Potosi institution made the announcement through a statement released on social networks, in addition to thanking the work of marrero.

“Six years ago you arrived in San Luis, by the hand of the Atletico Madrid, with the exciting task of recovering professional football for the city and the State. You arrived at saint Louis with only a license, a piece of paper, which allowed the creation of a football club structure in the Promotion alloy“, he pointed Miguel Ángel Gil, President of Atlético de Madrid.

With marrero the team achieved promotion to the MX League for him Opening 2019 and in this one Closing 2023 they reached the playoffs and the quarterfinals, where they were finally eliminated by the America.

“It fills me with pride to look back and see that in just two years you achieved it. It is true that you had the help of Atletico Madridbut it is also true that it was you, and no one else but you, who made a living to make room for you in a country, in a city, and in a football hitherto unknown to both you and us”, he pointed out. Gil.

He director of Atlético de Madridwho owns the Atlético San Luisannounced the strategic points in which they will work in the future in the Mexican club.

“On the one hand, the investment in a Sports Center where both our teams and all those boys and girls who are linked to our Academy can work daily.”

“And on the other hand, continue fighting to change the model of Mexican soccer, essential for the future, both for Atlético San Luis, and for Mexican soccer and its fans.”

He Board of Directors of Atlético de Madrid announced that Jacobo Payan Espinosa He was named as the new president of the Potosinos and who takes office as of this day.

“It fills us with pride to be able to welcome as president a man whose last name is intrinsically linked to the history of San Luis Potosí soccer and who, as an outstanding member of the community, will seek to combine not only his love and vehemence for the soccerbut his experience and wisdom as an entrepreneur,” they reported in another statement.

“Supported by the current structure of the club, jacob assumes the presidency with a broad horizon regarding the projects that come for the institution, from the internationalization of the brand through the participation of the team in the League Cupuntil the completion of the Sport Citythey added.


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