Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Alberto Díaz and Darío Brizuela bet on a Unicaja in the F4 of the BCL

Alberto Diaz Y Dario Brizuela were protagonists this Thursday in Radio Brand Malagain a basketball gathering that was held at the The Twins Restaurant Malaga and in which they were honored after the success last summer, when both European champions were proclaimed with the Spanish team led by Sergio Scariolo.

alberto Y brizuela They talked about the good moment that Unicaja is currently experiencing, sitting at the top of the table and with the goal at hand of playing the Badalona King’s Cup next February.

The homegrown point guard is happy for him good start for Unicaja this season and for the return of the public to the stands of the Martin Carpena. “We are happy with the start and we have to thank the fans. We have had sold-out matches at the Carpena, so an exciting course is coming up. The question is to be consistent. This year we are. We are winning against teams that we have to win. The hallmark we want is to be a tough, rocky team that is a battle every day. We have put together a group with a lot of characterwith the aim of putting Unicaja in its rightful place ».

Brizuela is of the same opinion. «The team is more solid, more complete. we are working wellno. There is a huge room for improvement. We have acclimatized to the style of the opposing team and we are very happy with how we are doing. But there is a long season ahead. We are reaching the end of the game wanting to play it, not afraid.

That good moment makes both players even dare to set ambitious goals. «I honestly believe that we have a squad and people to be in the Final Four of the Basketball Champions League (BCL) and compete face to face with any rival. then the ACB League It is more complicated, it is a very long League, the playoffs are very complicated and it is more difficult. But I do think that the squad we have is to play the Final Four of the Champions League» assured the Basque escort of the green team.

The international point guard from Malaga goes further in his forecasts: «I don’t like to set goals because from experience it hasn’t gone well. But I agree with Dario, the BCL Final Four It is an objective that excites us and we are really looking forward to it. And playing the Copa del Rey and being in the playoffs should be possible because we have a team with the mentality of being there. We are a competitive team that will give everything. Copa del Rey, play off and Final Four It is the illusion that the squad has, “said the captain.

Brizuela has a less leading role in the team this season due to the configuration of the squad that Unicaja has made for its 2022/2023 project, something that the Basque believes is positive for him. «I’m calmer in general. Last year I took on a lot, more than I wanted. This year we have more players who can go out and contribute to the team. In the end I try to give my maximum in attack and also in defense».

Alberto recognized that he feels more the affection of the people since his presence with the selection in the Eurobasket. «I have always felt loved in Malaga. I notice a lot of affection on the slopes of the entire League. It is a very nice feeling to receive so much applause», he assured.


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