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Alarm in Google: Samsung studies that Bing is the default search engine of its mobiles

Bing has changed dramatically thanks to the integration of features powered by GPT-3—and now GPT-4—the AI ​​powered by OpenAI. So much so that even Samsung plans to replace Google as default search engine on their mobiles and bet on the Microsoft search engine, as revealed The New York Times.

The aforementioned medium affirms that Samsung’s intention to change the default search engine of its mobiles reached the ears of Google last March. They further point out that The company’s reaction was “panic”. And that for that same reason they have gotten down to work to drastically modify their search engine and include new features driven by AI. Among them, a chatbot apparently more advanced than Microsoft’s, an image generator, and a function to learn a new language through conversations with an AI.

These are precisely benefits that Microsoft has been including in Bing, and that has made the popularity of the company’s search engine skyrocket. The new Bing, in particular, has a chat section powered by ChatGPT, where users can make queries and receive personalized answers based on search results. The same chatbot can also generate images through DALL-E.

Google’s strategy to prevent Samsung from betting on Bing as the default search engine

Google’s response to Samsung’s intention, we reiterate, has been to work around the clock on new AI-powered features for its search engine. The company, in fact, plans to drastically change its search engine with new features that would not only match those of Microsoft and Bing, but they would also improve them.

One of them, for example, would be the chatbot capabilities. This could be more advanced, with the ability to answer software engineering questions or generate code snippets. The chatbot could also analyze search results and web pages in a personalized way. For example, if the user wants to search for activities near her accommodation, they would only have to ask Google and the AI ​​would return only related results.

Google, to deal with Bing and Samsung’s intention to include this search engine as default, is also working on an imager or in a chatbot with which users can search for songs.

nothing is closed

At the moment, yes, there are no more details about Samsung’s intention to include Bing as the default search engine on their mobiles. In fact, the company is currently negotiating its contract with Google, so there is a chance that the situation will continue as it is now.

However, and if this is finally carried out, it would be a very hard blow for Google. Mainly because, according to details NYT, the company would lose approximately $3 billion a year in revenue from searches performed through Samsung devices.

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