Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Al-Thani reappears in troubled waters

And in the midst of the storm that caused the defeat against Racing, Al-Thani appears on social networks to ‘act’ as president of Málaga CF and send messages to the fans, the squad and the coaching staff:

“Your support is essential to encourage the players, the coach and the technical assistants. I understand that you demand results, but the only way to get results is to stay strong and united. They are human beings, yes, they charge for everything, but in the end they are people. And my question to the honorable and zealous fans of this entity, they must unite and not make room for the abusers of players and coaching staff. Please support and cheer on the team and stay with the team in all cases. I am confident that, with your help, the team will overcome this ordeal.

My second message is for the players and coaching staff. I look forward to seeing fighters on the field. Each match is considered a final to reap the three points.”

After a long time without making reference to Málaga CF on his networks, the still owner of the club sends this message of support and unity, while his lawsuits with the APA and BlueBay go ahead.


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