Saturday, April 1, 2023

Akshay told PM Modi’s statement on cinema is necessary, said – someone should say something…

During the trailer launch of Selfie, all the stars including Akshay Kumar, Emraan Hashmi had arrived. During this, Akshay has talked on many issues while interacting with the media. While addressing the press, Akshay says about his film, ‘This film is dedicated to every fan and all the celebrities of the world. I would like to say that whatever we are, we are because of those fans. If you are not there, then we are nothing.’

When Akshay was asked what he likes autograph or selfie. In response to this, Akshay says, I like giving selfies better than autographs. A lot of time goes by while writing autographs, while taking selfies is much better. By the way, fans also like selfies. Earlier, I used to think that the stars used to give autographs in their own pictures and send them to the fans. I met someone recently, he took my autograph on my own pictures.

Took the first picture with Amitabh Bachchan
In response to this, with whom has he taken the best selfie of his life, Akshay says, the era of selfies has just begun. Earlier, when there were no mobiles, there used to be only autographs at that time. I still remember that I had clicked a photo with Amitabh Bachchan in the era of photographs, when he was shooting for Bemisaal in Kashmir. There they were eating grapes, I had stolen those grapes too. As far as selfie is concerned, I have not taken selfie with anyone till now.

It was necessary for the PM to speak

Seeing the growing trend of boycott in Bollywood, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had instructed the ministers to refrain from making public comments about any film or stars. After this, a change was also seen in the boycott trend. Reacting to this, Akshay says, if our Prime Minister has said something like this, then it is worthy of praise. I believe that our Prime Minister is the biggest influential personality of the country. If things change at his behest, then it is a big deal for our industry. Things should also change because we have to face a lot. First of all we have to make films and get them passed by the censor board. Then someone or the other says one thing or the other, due to which there is a mess. Now after his speaking maybe changes will come.


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