Thursday, March 30, 2023

Agriculture activates assistance plan in livestock areas due to drought

The Ministry of Agriculture announced this Thursday the activation of an assistance plan in livestock areas, with the aim of minimizing the impact of the drought.

Through a statement, the ministry explained that some 70,000 bales for cattle were acquired, which will be sent, in a first phase, to the areas of the territory most affected by the drought, including the northwest, specifically Dajabón, and the south. .

Drilling machines will also be sent to extract water from the ground in the south, according to the information.

Drought “is a phenomenon that does not allow action in the entire productive sector”, however, “there are sectors that can go to help”, among them, the livestock sector, explained in the note the Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cross.

The official announced that the Government is working on a plan to make the use of water in the national territory more efficient.

The National Meteorological Office (Onamet) reiterated this Thursday its call to make rational use of water, due to the period of seasonal drought that will last until mid-April and which is characterized by minimum values ​​in accumulated rainfall.


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