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Age, fitness or something else…? Why is Sarfaraz Khan not getting a chance in Team India?

The Indian team is currently playing the ODI series against New Zealand, but everyone’s eyes are set on the Test series against Australia to be held in February. This series is going to be very important to reach the final of the World Test Championship and to compete with the big team. There is a debate about who gets a chance in Team India and who doesn’t. Meanwhile, the market has been very hot for the last few days regarding 25-year-old Sarfaraz Khan.

Because Sarfaraz Khan has scored a ton of runs in domestic cricket, with each passing day the pressure is increasing as to why Sarfaraz Khan is not getting an entry in Team India. Because Sarfaraz Khan is living up to the standards of scoring runs consistently and scoring big. But why he is not getting entry in Team India.

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Age or fitness is not the reason?
Sarfaraz Khan is 25 years old, but looking at his record in domestic cricket, it seems as if he has been playing cricket for a long time. Even at such a young age, he has scored a flurry of centuries, but is not getting a chance in Team India. The argument is also being given that he will have to be more prepared for the middle order of Team India, but the figures testify something else.

If experience is a reason, then it would be unfair to Sarfaraz, because players younger than him are also playing in Team India at the moment. Players like Shubman Gill, Rishabh Pant, Ishaan Kishan also belong to this age group and are making their debut in the Test team of Team India. Another argument also comes about fitness, because Sarfaraz Khan is overweight.

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In recent times, a lot of strictness has been taken in Team India regarding fitness, in which fitness tests like yo-yo test have also been included. Many experts have advised that Sarfaraz Khan should work on his fitness (which he is also doing), but if this is also a reason then it does not seem to have any effect on his performance.

Sunil Gavaskar, one of India’s greatest batsmen, has also mentioned that if you (selectors) want a skinny guy, find a model. Because Sarfaraz Khan is making a mountain of runs in his condition.

Lots of runs, then why no place in the team?
If we look at the figures in Sarfaraz Khan’s domestic cricket, he has so far scored 3505 runs in 54 innings of 37 matches. His average is 79.65, during which 13 centuries, 9 half-centuries have come out of his bat. Sarfaraz Khan’s highest score is 301 not out. The amazing thing is that in the last three Ranji Trophy seasons, his average has been above 100 only.

Last few innings of Sarfaraz Khan
• Vs Delhi – 125, 0
• Vs Assam – 28*
• Vs Tamil Nadu – 162, 15*
• Vs Saurashtra – 75, 20
• Vs Hyderabad – 126*

If you look at the current Team India and look for a place for Sarfaraz Khan, then he can fit in the middle order. Sarfaraz plays in the middle order in domestic cricket as well. Team India’s star wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant is still injured, so Sarfaraz Khan can find a place in the middle order as a reliable batsman. Those who are capable of playing big and long innings, can also get the team out of trouble.


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