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After Sumbul’s father, Priyanka Chowdhary’s brother raised questions on the show, Bigg Boss running outside the house

Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary, who was a domineering lady from the beginning in Bigg Boss, got to see a different look in the past. That Priyanka, who has always been scolded for shouting and sticking her toes in other’s issues, was seen in a different mood in the past days. Recently, Salman Khan also objected to him for not supporting Archana in need.

Priyanka looked very disturbed after the dose she got in Weekend Ka Vaar. There were fights with everyone in his house. Even there was no conversation with special friend Ankit Gupta for three days. Priyanka could not bear all the confusion going on in her mind and started crying. He spoke his heart to Soundarya while crying. Seeing all this outside, his brother Yogesh Chaudhary was very disappointed. Yogesh wrote a note on his Instagram account, where he told the makers many things in support of his sister.

Yogesh became emotional

Yogesh wrote – Pari didi is the strongest person. You would never have met anyone like him. But this does not mean that you will keep breaking them like this every day. While you see that she is tolerating everything with a smile. He is very strong mentally, solid. But to isolate, harass and taunt a person like him is actually promoting bully culture on national television. Because in real life the bullies, the bullies don’t win.

Priyanka’s brother further wrote – Such people get punished. Those who have a kind heart win. It is not just for her (Priyanka Chahar). It is a matter of policies and message, which you want to convey to the people of our society. Behave well, India is watching you. Priyanka’s fans did a support show on Yogesh’s emotional post.

fans supported

Users commented and said that the public is watching, don’t worry, we are in their support. At the same time, another user wrote – So much is said in the house to show Priyanka wrong, but that girl still keeps on laughing. At the same time, another user said – there is nothing new in this, Bigg Boss always targets like this. Like Rubina had done to Tejashwi earlier. But she had won. Priyanka will also win like this.

Priyanka and Ankit have often had fights in the show, but both have been seen together again. This time, despite their quarrel not being too big, the conversation between the two stopped. Priyanka felt that Ankit’s game was deteriorating because of her. Crying with Soundarya, Priyanka said that- I have already known mentally what I have to do. I want the best for Ankit. But in the eyes of the audience, I am the bad one, despite my best intentions. What should I do, it seems that I am the wrong choice for him. That’s how I am. I am losing myself.

By the way, after the forced entry of Sumbul’s father in Bigg Boss, Shaleen’s parents had to be called in the show. Now similarly the family members of other members are also raising questions on the show. It is not wrong to say that there is a Bigg Boss going on outside Bigg Boss as well.

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