Wednesday, February 8, 2023

After multiple failures, 343 Industries would be disassociated from the development of new ‘Halo’ games

Yesterday we let you know that Microsoft layoffs reached some Xbox studios. Specifically, to 343 Industries and Bethesda Game Studios. Now, a new report reveals a series of movements that are supposedly taking place within the team responsible for Halo. If true, they would change the course of the franchise in significant ways.

It is well known that 343 Industries has had all sorts of complications to push Halo since Bungie’s departure. None of his three titles developed so far (Halo 4, halo 5 Y Halo Infinite) has reached the level of quality and impact of previous deliveries. It seems, then, that at Microsoft they have had enough of this situation. The layoffs would be just the tip of the iceberg.

According to Bathrobe Spartanowner of Halo Podcasts, those from Redmond are making profound changes at 343 Industries. First, the studio would have lost approximately 30% of its workforce. It is not a minor figure, since 343 has one of the largest templates of Xbox Game Studios.

However, the most surprising thing comes next. Microsoft would have decided that 343 Industries will stop being the main developer of the games of Halo. They would continue to coordinate the franchise, but without being directly involved in development. The creation of the next titles, then, would be in the hands of other studies of the company.

Halo Infinitethe first game affected by the 343 Industries crash

Halo Infinite, 343 Industries

This change of course would already have immediate consequences in the future of Halo Infinite. According to Bathrobe Spartan, 343 Industries had multiple additional content in the works for the campaign of said game. Nevertheless, all would have been canceled. Microsoft would have ordered only to continue with the improvements and development of new DLCs for the multiplayer mode.

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