Sunday, December 3, 2023

Afghanistan’s ‘sad’ loss in relief Pakistan! Because…

War-torn Afghanistan fell to Australian hard-hitter Glenn Maxwell’s superhuman innings on Tuesday night despite raising hopes of a sure-fire victory. As a result, the road to the semi-finals of the current World Cup became more difficult for them.

The loss of Ibrahim Jadran, however, has brought relief to the Pakistan camp. Because, if Afghanistan had won on Tuesday, Babar Azam’s hopes of reaching the semi-finals would have died on the field. With an equal number of victories, the Afghans would have become their stiff rivals.

Pakistan has won 5 of the 8 matches played so far in the first phase of the World Cup. They have one match left. In that, Babar will face England who are at the bottom of the points table. Pakistan’s semi-final will be confirmed if they win that match.

Meanwhile, if Afghanistan had won against Australia on Tuesday, they would have won 5 out of 8 matches. If they beat South Africa in the last match, they would have made history. For the first time, it would go to the semi-finals of the event like the World Cup.

But the dream of the Afghans was crushed by the augi batter Glenn Maxwell. Coming out of a certain loss, he not only brought victory to the team at the top of the target of 292 runs, but also scored a double century by playing the best innings of his career. The entire cricket world is stunned to see this. Apart from this victory, Ajid’s semi-final as the third team is also confirmed.

As a result, to reach the semi-finals as the fourth team, Afghanistan has no choice but to win against South Africa in their last match. However, Pakistan will not only have to win, but also lose against England. Besides, New Zealand will lose to Sri Lanka.

Only in this complex equation can Afghanistan make it to the semis. But that path is very difficult. Because South Africa is the top favorite team of this year’s World Cup. Defeating them will not be easy for Afghanistan.

In that case, the path to the semis is relatively easier for Pakistan and New Zealand than Afghanistan. They are guaranteed a semi-final if either team wins their last game.

But if both teams win, then the equation is different. Then the run rate will be calculated between Pakistan and New Zealand. Those who will be ahead in that will get the semi tickets. If so, Pakistan, which is currently fourth in the points table, will be ahead.

(08 November/AJ)


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